How to do sachet

How to do sachet

The sacks filled with various aromatic mixes and impregnated with oils will transfer the pleasant has begun to smell to towels, bed linen or outerwear with which they will be stored. If small pillows are filled by officinal odorous herbs, then, having arranged them near bed, it is possible to get rid of headache or insomnia. Having originally issued sachet cover, present handmade souvenirs to the family and friends for holidays.

It is required to you

  • - Aromatic herbs and flowers;
  • - essential oils;
  • - fabric;
  • - lace;
  • - beads, ribbons, beads;
  • - gun with hot glue;
  • - needle with thread;
  • - scissors.


1. Fragrant contents you sashekupit sets of the dried herbs and essential oils in shop. If you have the seasonal dacha, then some herbs to grow up most is possible. Undertake country walks and collect herbs – camomile, mint, lavender - only do it far from routes and industrial productions.

2. Dry up collected plants. Spread out them thin layer on tray and put in the darkened place. Periodically you stir that flowers and greens evenly dried up. Very well citrus fruit are suitable for aromatic sacks.

3. Cut lemon, orange or lime thin circles or remove from them dried peel. Dry in oven with open door on the smallest heating.

4. If roses, dogrose, jasmine, and houses at window grow in your garden the gardenia was located, then lobes of these flowers perfectly dry on air, without losing the smell.

5. Crush the dried-up plants and make of them aromatic compositions. The combination of herbs and essential oil will be suitable for linen cabinet: rose-petals, carnation, mint and several drops of ylang-ylang. It is possible to flavor the room before romantic date in couple of sacks with plants: rose, lavender, violet, camomile. You catch delicate perfume of herbs and make sachet contents on the taste.

6. Registration you sashenaydit houses fabric pieces. Use organza, calico, sateen, linen. Fabric has to be dense weaving that herbs did not wake up outside. The pattern of sack can be cut in the form of heart or pear. And it is possible just to put rectangle in half and to stick together or stitch side seams that the pocket has turned out on the machine.

7. Fill spoon the crushed herbs in sack. Drip a little essential oil and sew up mouth of sachet or tie it lace that contents did not drop out.

8. Paste beads or beads on sack. Decorate with bows or florets from tapes. If you are able to knit, then the external cover can be made openwork. When herbs disappear, podporit sack and replace contents with new.

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