How to treat deprive at a cat

How to treat deprive at a cat

Deprive - a disease not too terrible, but extremely unpleasant. If your cat picked up deprive, it is necessary to treat him immediately. Otherwise you risk not only to tighten strongly a disease of an animal, but also to be infected with all family.


1. You should not self-medicate at all! Deprive very easily to confuse with other skin fungus or an allergy. Depriving a sure sign – equal, absolutely round high temples. At the first opportunity go to the doctor. If it is impossible to show an animal to the veterinarian right now (you are in the country, the clinic does not work, etc.), then for prevention it is possible to wash up an animal Nizoral shampoo, tar soap, or specialized animals shampoo. Superfluous such procedure will not be anyway. It is also necessary to wash hands some of these means to avoid infection.

2. The doctor, most likely, will write out to your pet pricks which neutralize the striking action depriving and will begin to put skin in order slowly. Most often for cats it is used trimitsid. It is very strong antibacterial medicine possessing antifungal action. It will be necessary to deliver to a cat two pricks at an interval of 5 days. Even if after the first injection it will become better for him, it is worth to remember about the second, otherwise treatment will be not full, and the disease can renew. Of course, it is better to entrust a cat to the expert's hands, but if you feel in yourself forces, then you can put a prick. To an adult animal for time enter 1.5 - 2 ml for time, to 1-2 monthly kittens - 0.5 - 1 ml, to kittens about one month - 0.5 ml. Consider that medicine this very painful therefore it is necessary to enter it very resolutely and strong to hold at the same time a cat.

3. Besides injections it is necessary to process animal leather. To neutralize deprive, to prevent its distribution, it is possible to use usual iodine. Also for treatment depriving YAM ointment and Lamizil ointment will approach. It is necessary to apply them on affected areas 2-3 times a day. In order that treatment proceeded quicker and more successfully, it is possible to give to drink to a cat the vitamins improving immunity it is possible to buy them in any department of pet goods.

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