How to support darling

How to support darling

It seems to us that men are stronger than us and perfectly cope with the problems and difficulties. But if he does not ache, does not panic and does not cry in a pillow at night, it does not mean that it does not need your support when it needs it. Emotionally men are held more down, than we therefore your task is to help it emotionally to be discharged and support darling.


1. Be attentive to the to darling to the person, you always find time to listen to him. Take for the rule to be interested daily in its affairs, to show participation in them and if he asks about it to give advice. If you notice his sad mood or alarm if seems to you that he is upset with something or worries, try to dispose him to a conversation and to find out the reason of his alarm

2. Listen to him quietly even if will seem to you that news really awful. Do not begin to panic, cry or fusses. Concentrate and ask for it time for considering of a situation. At once tell it that you are sure that he will manage to find a solution and that you believe in him. Try to estimate quietly a problem and think over options of recovery from the crisis, share with it, after all two heads are better.

3. Family psychologists say that the man is affected with the most magic image by touch of the woman. It gives it force and inspires tranquility and confidence, it is connected with subconsciousness when in the childhood the touch of mother gave feeling of safety. Use the magic power, concern it more often, kind of saying: "I believe in you, you will cope!", but do not stick to it for days on end and do not take offense that it does not share with you – he should think.

4. Even if he is black as thundercloud, try to pull out him on walk, fresh air stimulates a brain if it even does not find, walking with you, an exit from a difficult situation then to relax and will a little vanish from sad thoughts. And the way out will surely be found, the main thing – that you together.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team