Original animals for the private house

Original animals for the private house

It is difficult to some pets to take root in the city apartment, but they can become remarkable decoration of the house with the site. Exotic animals to get and contain much more difficultly therefore this pleasure for wealthy people. And children will be delighted with such neighbourhood because these animals have a gregarious instinct and it is necessary to buy them at once on 2-3 individuals.


These lovely rodents can reach the size of a large dog. They spend in water much time therefore it is necessary for pigs to make the small pool. It will be remarkable if on the site the birch or a willow grow. Capybaras need to gnaw constantly a tree to grind off cutters. They can eat any vegetable food, but it is necessary to enter crude fish and dry dog food into a diet. An animal in house conditions very clean therefore as a toilet it will be served by the small container with water.

Tiny donkey

They look as small copies of ordinary donkeys, and character are similar to dogs. Animals very much love children and willingly allow to drive on them. Burros respond to a nickname and execute commands. These amusing, tender animals do not suffer ill-treatment. In the summer they are fed with a fresh grass, and chew straw in the winter. It is possible to treat them with apples or carrots, only not to overfeed. Surely there has to be a container with clear water. For house keeping of males it is necessary to castrate.

Dwarfish hippopotamus

The mini-hippopotamus does not treat gregarious animals, but for him it is necessary to have the territory with a reservoir and the shady place. In the afternoon he spends time in water, and prefers to rest in bed among trees at night. It is possible to create the big open-air cage and to lay it hay. Hippopotamuses remember people well and after a while begin to respond on a nickname. It is possible to feed them with fruit and vegetables. This very rare animal therefore it is quite difficult to get it.

Goats pygmies

These little nanny-goats do not demand a special care. It is necessary to walk them on a clearing with a fresh grass, and they like to spend the rest of the time in the dry room. Kids easily give in to training and differ in friendly character. It is necessary to get several individuals because they do not take out loneliness.

Choosing such animals as pets, it is necessary to think well. In case of unforeseen circumstances of a hippopotamus and capybaras to attach it will be problematic.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team