The Persian cats are fluffy keepers of a home

The Persian cats are fluffy keepers of a home

The Persian cats - the real symbol of homeliness. At the same time they often are stars of exhibitions, winning numerous prizes. Magnificent wool, smooth movements and balanced character provide to Persians wide army of admirers among whom there are many very influential persons.

The history of the Persian breed consigns to the deep past. A mention of long-haired cats meet round eyes and a stocky body in records of travelers on the Ancient East. In Europe, serious work on breed began at the end of the century before last. Fluffy Persians were noticed at court of the Queen Victoria, the big judge of cats. Later the first clubs were created, and selection work on colors and an exterior began. As a result animals of the most various coloring were brought.

Modern Persians are a little similar to the predecessors. They have more magnificent fur coat, a stocky body. And, above all difference - a flat muzzle with a saddle nose and huge round eyes. This "baby a face" are highly appreciated by experts on breed. In combination with a strong well-muscled body and magnificent wool it makes an unforgettable impression.

Structure of hair of the Persian cats absolutely special. Persians have no hard ostevy hair inherent in long-haired cats of other breeds. Their indumentum consists of the long, easily confused strands of wood demanding thorough leaving with which the pet will not cope. The cat needs to be combed out, without forgetting about wool under a tail, on paws, a breast and a stomach. The Persian is recommended to be washed at least once a month. At the same time it is necessary to use the special shampoos keeping texture of wool. Cats of this breed quietly transfer drying by the hair dryer. However be careful, it is impossible to overdry wool, gentle fibers can break off.

For care for a fur coat of Persians buy a set of professional brushes and hairbrushes. They carefully handle wool and serve very long.

During a heat of the fluffy Persian it is possible to cut, having left a magnificent collar and a brush on a tail. The small animal will look very funny, at the same time the quality of wool will not suffer. With approach of a cold season the cat will grow magnificent fur again. Veterinarians note good health of Persians. That the cat had no problems with digestion, she needs to be fed with the balanced ready-made feeds, adding to a diet paste for dissolution of lumps of wool in a stomach. Choosing filler for a toilet, give preference to silica gel or large granules. Small filler will stick to wool. Control of eyes which can water belongs to features of daily leaving. Buy special lotion, it is especially necessary to cats with light wool. If you want to buy an animal "as a hobby", choose a kitten of a pet-class. It costs cheaper than potential champions, at the same time differences in appearance will be noticed only by the expert. Having bought such kitten, surely sterilize him. The cat will be more balanced, besides sterilization will save the pet from diseases.

Despite the seeming independence, the Persian cats are rather sociable and like to spend time with the owner. They not bad get on with children, but do not transfer too familiar relation.

Persians differ in balanced, slightly phlegmatic character. They do not feel the need for noisy games and walks, preferring luxuriates in secluded corners. Allocate to the pet a convenient stove bench, a pillow or the whole cat's lodge. It not only will create comfortable conditions for a cat, but also will not allow wool to extend on all apartment.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team