What dogs treat dwarfish

What dogs treat dwarfish

Dwarfish breeds of dog enjoy extraordinary popularity not only thanks to the fact that they can be held even in the small apartment, but also thanks to the playfulness, sociability and devotion.

That who never held tiny dogs, can seem that they very weak and even weak, boring also are not capable to protect the owner. Actually such doggies are extraordinary clever, bright, devoted and playful. Besides, it is much easier to look after them, than big dogs, they take very few place, are not expensive in respect of food and very lovely. Dwarfish dogs can protect the owner at all not worse, than their big fellows, and here harm of furniture and to other things in the house bring much less. For games to them one small toy with which they are also content suffices, without paying attention to footwear, an upholstery of a sofa and wall-paper on walls. Dwarfish dogs have much more advantages, than shortcomings and many dog breeders already estimated them.

What breeds of dog belong to dwarfish

Dogs which height in withers does not exceed 35 cm treat dwarfish breeds, and weight is up to 4.5 kg. Almost all species of lap dogs, terriers, spitz-dogs, dachshunds, pugs, pinschers and a set of other breeds, even some borzois concern them.

The majority of dwarfish dogs have hunting roots and are grown up for the similar purposes. But most often they are parted as house favourites, a peculiar decoration, an indicator of the high social status though such attitude towards them is not absolutely correct. Dwarfish dogs need constant activity, in them desire to move, play is put by the nature.

Little dogs are very affectionate, quickly get used to the owner and in everything trust him. Having lost the owner, they often lose meaning of life, get sick and even die. Therefore before bringing such pet, it is necessary to weigh everything pros and cons, to estimate the opportunities as any dog, irrespective of her size, nevertheless makes certain changes to a human life rhythm.

Features of keeping of dwarfish dogs

Despite the tiny sizes and appeasable character, dwarfish dogs need training – they need to be accustomed to a tray, they have to know and execute the main commands. If the owner is not confident that he can enclose similar knowledge in the pet, then training should be entrusted the professional. It is necessary to feed little dogs with a special forage. Their digestive system very gentle and weak, and sausage, cake or mashed potatoes can just ruin them. The special forage for dwarfish dogs contains those components and substances which will not do them any harm, will help to develop and remain correctly active even in old age. For hygiene of small breeds it is better to use special means – dog shampoo and soap which do not contain aggressive components. Besides, short-haired types need articles of clothing as easily catch a cold even in cool summer evening.

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