What most dangerous breeds of dog

What most dangerous breeds of dog

Today there is a set of various breeds of dog. All of them conceal in themselves danger - even the kindest and lovely. Such is their nature. But is prone most to aggression. Dogs of such breeds need to be known not to fall their victim.

The most dangerous breeds of dog

Dogs are not born aggressive, they such become as a result of the wrong education, lack of training.

Some of the most dangerous breeds are specially removed for fights and protection and also the breeds crossed to such dogs. These animals have congenital tendency to aggression. At the wrong education the behavior of a dog is aggravated, the soil for prosperity of hostility, rage appears. At the same time each breed has "weak points" on which during training it is necessary to pay special attention. In this regard you should not get combative or dogs with security qualities to the people who do not have special knowledge and experience. Because it is possible not to cope with education of an animal that can lead to multiple injuries and even the death of the person.

In a dog the cruel or indifferent attitude towards her can provoke aggression.

The dogs crossed to wolves are considered as not less dangerous. They have them wilder, and therefore tendency to aggression strong. Similar animals need to be trained correctly to minimize development of hostility.

The most widespread breeds of dog inclined to aggressionPit bull terrier terrierof - dog breed removed especially for fights. She can be fond so of a fight that she becomes obsessed. Therefore it is difficult to stop it. If the pit bull terrier a terrier feels is more main than the person, then he will undertake protection of the territory and the owner. Such behavior of a dog provokes aggression in relation to strangers for it to people. The wrong training and education of such dog can lead to terrible consequences. The bull terrier was also brought for fights. This breed has feature strongly to become attached to the owner and to wildly be jealous of him therefore the aggressive attitude towards all people around can be formed. At the same time bull terriers are very cruel with other dogs. Therefore demand special training and education since the birth. Otherwise it will lead to awful consequences. Rottweilers are the great security guards inclined to domination. You should not get such dog if you have no sufficient experience and knowledge. Otherwise it is possible just not to cope with such animal therefore the dog will have an aggressive behavior. Rottweilers are inclined to submit only to those who are morally stronger and surer. Quickly lose trust to indifferent owners that also provokes aggression. A Dobermann terrier a pinscher - the most dangerous breed removed for protection. In relation to the owner the dobra is also tender. But to the people who caused in it the slightest suspicion it is hostile. Can furiously protect the owner. The wrong education of a Dobermann terrier provokes his aggressive behavior. Besides, it is necessary to learn to control behavior of an animal in time to solve the arisen problems. A German shepherd - a guard dog. Constitutes danger to all, including to the owner. Will not attack without the reason or to show the force. At the same time it is always attentive to people around. The inadequate behavior causes in it hostility. Besides, the owner with such dog needs to behave frostily not to provoke attack on people around. Such animal surely needs training, regular trainings. It at them in blood. Otherwise sheep-dogs wither and become stupid.

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