What to do if at a cat the nipple swelled up

What to do if at a cat the nipple swelled up

Domestic cats are friends of the person, favourite pets, fluffy family members. Their health and wellbeing in many respects depends on owners. Therefore it is necessary to be attentive and sensitive to the pets, to pay attention to their mood and to watch over health, cats cannot complain of a disease.

Cats have less diseases at all, than at people, they also proceed differently, with different symptoms. The owner of an animal can notice some of manifestations of a disease and. So, what to do if at a cat the nipple swelled up?

SymptomAt cats four pairs of nipples on an anterior abdominal wall. Most often pathology develops in the last two pairs of nipples. One nipple (is more rare — a little) increases in a size. Together with a nipple also the mammary gland swells up. At what diseases can it occur?

MastitisMastitis usually develops at the feeding cat though can arise also at the pregnant woman. It is connected with the fact that in mammary glands milk stands. And the infection joins this stagnation. The mammary gland at the same time looks edematous, painful, it is soldered to skin, the vascular drawing stands out clearly. The dense nipple, hot, is covered with small cracks. The cat of touches to a stomach avoids, but itself the inflamed nipple licks more often than the others. When pressing a nipple it is possible to see curdled allocations. As treatment where vitamins, antibiotics, immunostimulators enter.


Mastopathy is a regeneration of tissues of mammary gland. For cats it almost always a precancer state therefore you should not hesitate with consultation of the doctor at all. A symptom at mastopathy one — the increase in a mammary gland which is not connected with pregnancy. Consolidation can be the different sizes, is not soldered to skin, to smooth edges. For cats the mastopathy does not give an inconvenience therefore it is easy to pass the beginning of a disease. The disease after a puncture of a mammary gland with a biopsy is diagnosed. During this procedure the mammary gland is pierced with a needle and the syringe aspirirut tumor contents. Even if there is no liquid separated, the fabrics which remained in a needle go to a cytologic research. Depending on a condition of an animal, the doctor can appoint conservative therapy or expeditious treatment. Conservative therapy is carried out if the risk of an ozlokachestvleniye of process is small (usually it is correction of a hormonal background and vitamin therapy). Surgical treatment is shown when there is a suspicion on malignant regeneration of a tumor. During operation both the nipple, and a mammary gland is removed, their fabrics go to a histologic research.

Tumor of a mammary gland

The tumor is the most often found pathology of a mammary gland at cats, and in most cases it is malignant process. As well as at people, it is very easy to miss it because at first nothing disturbs a cat. The first symptom is a tumor of a nipple. The sizes can be various: to 3 cm and more — from the sizes the malignancy does not depend on 0.5 cm. If it was succeeded to distinguish process at the initial stages, then the cat should undergo surgery during which will remove with it or several, or all mammary glands. At the accompanying pathologies assuming impossibility of operation, the chemotherapy course is shown to a cat. At timely treatment the forecast at a disease favorable. It is impossible to bring a disease to a stage when at an animal wool grows dull, the nipple becomes covered by cracks and from mammary glands appears separated with a fetid smell, the next lymph nodes increase. In such state the forecast at a disease extremely adverse.


Nobody knows the exact causes of cancer of mammary glands and mastopathy. The main theory assumes the hormonal theory of origin of these diseases. From this point of view the sterilization of a cat to the first techka will be an optimum preventive measure. This procedure considerably reduces risk of developing of these diseases.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team