What unpretentious animal to get

What unpretentious animal to get

Now people work hard, make business trips or holidays. And therefore seldom get dogs or cats. Behind them permanent care, communication and sometimes expensive food is necessary. Probably, because of it the nature "thought up" unique unpretentious animals who can give joy and homeliness to their owners. Such animals need the minimum leaving, rare feeding and it is a little attention.


1. African snail of Akhatin. This mollusk is absolutely unpretentious in house conditions. It does not need a lot of place. A terrarium for Akhatin it is possible to get about 3 liters. It is better to buy a glass terrarium because from glass it is easier to clean off slime of snails. Soil in a terrarium can be changed only several times a year. Holding only one snail, you can not worry about an issue. And here with two or more snails you should clean periodically a terrarium from eggs. Eggs of snails can be frozen, and then to feed to snails as a protein source. Snails eat a little, use everything that you will give them: fruit, vegetables, herbs, cottage cheese. Akhatin's snails do not rustle therefore they are ideal for fans of silence. It is easy to tame them, sometimes they even begin to distinguish the owner from other people.

2. Hamsters are considered as unpretentious animals too. There are several species of hamsters, but the most popular for the house are the Syrian and Dzungarian breeds. For the Syrian hamster the cage and a wheel have to be more by the sizes, than at Dzungarian. And for the rest leaving is identical. It is necessary to clean after them no more once a week and not completely all soil but only "a part of a toilet". The more often and more carefully you will clean after them, the more they will begin to smell. Hamsters in the evening and at night, just are active when busy persons are at home. Therefore they are suitable for workaholics. Hamsters ready zernosmes eat, it is also possible to treat them with fruit, vegetables or cottage cheese. In a cage surely there has to be water and a stone for sharpening of teeth, otherwise they begin to gnaw cage rods. The hamster is quickly and easily accustomed to hands and the owner's voice. Hamsters moderately noisy, but very interesting and amusing animals.

3. Rabbits and guinea pigs too unpretentious pets. Care for them is similar to care for hamsters. Only the cage for them has to be the most spacious. These animals to a zernosmesye, hay and water eat. Guinea pigs are noisy, especially if are hungry. And rabbits surely need freedom therefore they need to be walked periodically. These large, their rodents it is possible to caress, teach simple tricks. They respond on the name and always know who their owner.

4. Rats. These rodents, unlike hamsters, are active in more afternoon. But they easily adapt under a day regimen of the owner. Rats very clever animals, they can survive under any conditions even if you will forget them to feed before a business trip. The cage for them is necessary more, than for hamsters, but it is less, than for rabbits. The wheel in a cage is optional, and here they will accept a hammock or a lodge with pleasure. Rats very quickly get used to hands, they are trained. They can be let out quietly from a cage, they will always come back home. Rats can be held in pairs, unlike hamsters. Of course, it is better to contain same-sex if you do not want an issue. Couples often gently look after one after another that it is a pleasure to observe. Rats eat all: from a zernosmesa and to meat. Rats are clean, do not spoil out of the cage. Minus of rats will be that they can sgryzt your things.

5. to the apartment, it is not necessary to walk them. They are not trained, and do often what is pleasant only to them. They easily distinguish the owners from others. It is necessary to bathe and give to drink to turtles once a week: just put them in a basin with warm water. The turtle itself will bathe and will get drunk. In a terrarium to turtles it is possible to suspend a small mirror, and they with pleasure will communicate with the reflection. Turtles eat vegetable food, and natatorial – also seafood. Turtles are good the fact that they do not spoil furniture, seldom are ill and have no unpleasant smell.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team