Why cat sad

Why cat sad

If usually playful and active animal suddenly sharply changes the behavior, the good owner cannot but notice it. And having noticed, will try to take measures that his pet became cheerful and successful again.

If at a cat many days a sad look, she does not show interest in games, does not "hunt", does not arrange bustle and a hullabaloo, and sadly sits in a corner, preferring that it was not touched - most likely, the animal got sick. The animal is not able to complain, but on some signs it is possible to understand that with health at a cat not everything is all right and she needs the help.

It is worth observing behavior of an animal several days, without drawing hasty conclusions. Time of a cat it is simple "not in mood" to play, they can react to a weather changing – with the onset of cold weather try to sit out in heat. And still some signs obviously speak about problems with health.

Disturbing symptoms

- The cat refuses food, or eats very little. It happens when awakening at an animal of sexual instincts. But if specific signs of sexual desire are absent – the refusal of food is a disturbing symptom.

At approach of sexual hunting the cat shouts, lifts a back part of a body, rides on a floor, sometimes becomes more tender or, on the contrary, aggressive without the reason.

- At an animal hunting instincts are not shown: the cat does not try to play, does not react to the rustling moving objects, etc.; the animal tries not to do excess movements. - The cat ceased "to watch herself": it is not licked, does not clean wool. - Body temperature is increased. Not any animal will allow to take body temperature the thermometer, but, having taken a cat on hands, it is possible to feel that it is hotter, than usually. Normal body temperature of a cat – 38 degrees Celsius.

Body temperature the cat can be taken, having entered the thermometer into a rectum.

- The chair changed: became too liquid, impurity of blood appeared or, on the contrary, the chair is absent during more than two days. - The animal tears. For cats, especially long-haired, in the nature of things to otrygivat wool which gets into a stomach as a result of licking. But if the cat is torn often, especially by every time after she ate or drank – it is not normal. At all these symptoms the animal needs to be shown to the veterinarian – the expert will make the diagnosis and will appoint treatment.

Why the cat still can be sadIf the animal is healthy, but behaves unusually quietly, perhaps, something changed in a surrounding situation, and it guards him. Perhaps, the cat is afraid of someone or something. Perhaps, in the house appeared the new resident, the person or an animal? Whether the beginner offended the fluffy favourite? And maybe, the cat took offense at the owner? Yes, there is also it. Cats, though independent animals, but absolutely without society it is boring for them. She can become angry several days about the owner if that for a long time left her one. Anyway, if the cat is sad, once she presents a little more caress and attention to her cat's problems.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team