Why dark urine at a cat

Why dark urine at a cat

Normal urine at cats of yellow color with a characteristic smell. Having faced that urine gained dark color from the house favourite, manufacturers sometimes do not attach it significance. However this fact has to become a reason for concern, it indicates problems with health of an animal.

Presence in it of blood and bacteria is the main reason for darkening of urine at cats. It happens because of existence of crystals in urinary tract or because of inflammatory process. But there can be also other reasons. Anyway, darkening of urine at an animal is a reason for an immediate visit to the veterinarian.

Dark color of urine can be caused by fibrillation process violation. In this case the cat has to have dot hypodermic bleedings known as petekhiya.

Infections and stones in an uric system

Infections of an uric system respond to treatment better, than crystals of uric acid. However consequences of an infection can be rather serious. The bacterial infection most often accepts the ascending character and, reaching kidneys, can cause serious violations in their work. The prolonged infection leads to the fact that the cat loses flesh because of loss of proteins. Also in view of the fact that bacteria raise urine pH, in a bladder struvita - the stones bringing to an animal great sufferings can be formed. In most cases, the urinogenital infection at females is much more dangerous than crystals (obstruction of uric ways is characteristic of males). If the analysis of urine of an animal shows existence and infections, and crystals at the same time, then it is difficult to tell precisely what problem is primary and what is secondary. As the infection can lead to formation of struvit, and crystals, affecting bladder walls, can cause an infection. Anyway, veterinarians appoint antibiotics and recommend special food.

DehydrationUrine can gain dark, to be exact dark orange color because of organism dehydration therefore you watch that the cat drank enough liquid. Tinned food is more preferable option, than a dry feed therefore at emergence of problems think about addition of a damp forage in a food allowance of the favourite.

The blood disease under the name thrombocytopenia at which the low level of platelets in blood is found can be also the cause of darkening of urine.

Reproductive systemIf to speak about females, then darkening of urine can be caused by diseases of a reproductive system at which dark, bloody allocations from genitals of a cat get to urine. It is about such serious illness as ovarian cancer, a neoplasia and also about inflammatory processes of various etymology.

TechkaTechka - the natural process testifying to readiness of a cat for pairing. At the same time the animal has menstrualnopodobny allocations which can get to urine and paint it in dark color. If the cat has all signs of a techka, then darkening of urine is not a reason for the address to the veterinarian.

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