Why the cat shows aggression

Why the cat shows aggression

Cat by the nature quite quiet and nonaggressive animal. If she suddenly begins to rush on the owner and members of household, something provoked to be scratched, hiss, so her. It is necessary to find out the reasons of such aggression and to try to eliminate them.


1. The reasons for manifestation of aggression cats can have a set. And the first of them - education. If the cat had to spend the childhood under trying conditions, to battle for the territory, to hardly get to herself food, then she will grow up aggressive. Such lines are observed at those cats which had to carry out some part of the life on the street or at those to whom owners showed aggression, often punished, even beat. Of course, the cat in similar conditions gets used to behave watchfully, to be protected, to trust nobody. To disaccustom her to it happens not easy, but the patience and care, kind hands of the person, good food, tranquility and love can adjust an animal more amicably.

2. Features of the nature of some cats do them by more aggressive, than relatives. For example, white representatives of the cat family are deaf and therefore constantly feel own vulnerability. They do not hear if to attack them behind therefore when the person or other cat show similar aggressive behavior, the cat gets used to feel danger constantly. It becomes aggressive to prevent hostility of other beings.

3. When the cat begins to show aggression absolutely suddenly, without the visible reasons and in response to adequate behavior of the person, it can be symptom of the latent disease. Not all diseases proceed at a cat considerably. She can not refuse food and behave quietly, but if it is careless to take such animal and to pressure sick body, the cat can attack. In this case the pet should be taken away to the veterinarian and to carry out survey.

4. Some forages can also influence aggression of an animal. Unfortunately, not all of them undergo careful testing, and some contain substances which can cause apathy or, on the contrary, hostile behavior in a cat. Researches of some forages even show that they may contain hallucinogenic substances. Look narrowly at behavior of the pet when it shows aggression: if after a meal he behaves restlessly, rushes on people, perhaps, it is worth replacing its forage.

5. Fight for the territory - a common cause of aggression of an animal. If you occupy personal space of an animal or bring a new being to the house, it can easily provoke aggressive behavior of a cat. She will fight for the territory or domination, but when establishes own rules and will defend the place in hierarchy of the house, the cat can calm down. The similar reasons are caused also by jealousy. For example, if earlier all your attention was paid to a cat, and then in family there is a child, it forces a cat to feel uncomfortably too, to fight for attention of the person.

6. If the cat at you elderly, then aggression can be called by age changes in its organism. Elderly people have joint pains, bodies, muscles, the same is tested also by a cat. Pain amplifies when people take a cat on hands, try to play with it actively. The animal does not maintain and attacks. If the cat shows similar behavior after the games or from caress, it is better to lag behind it not to torment once again. It is possible to consult to the veterinarian how to reduce sufferings of an animal.

7. The fear of some phenomenon or the person, change of the habitual residence of a cat, active character of the pet, change in mood of the person can become the reasons of aggression. Anyway, you should not punish the pet for such behavior, to slap him, to show reciprocal hostility. It is better to understand the reasons and whenever possible to eliminate them, to allow a cat to get used to new conditions. By means of love, caress, the patient relation it is possible to achieve also that aggression completely will be gone.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team