Why the pigeon moves short steps

Why the pigeon moves short steps

The pigeon at many people is considered a symbol of the world, the good news. These birds at many people give hope, feeling of a pacification, behind them there is a wish to observe and care for them. People could tame a pigeon 5000 years ago.

If to count breeds of pigeons worldwide, then it will turn out that their more than 800 versions. Pigeons can not just lighten the mood, and cure of various psychological diseases. They are recommended to part to people with unbalanced mentality or that who endures some critical moment in the life. It is interesting that these birds to themselves "home" fly very quickly, speed can reach up to 100 km/h.

Pigeons differ from other birds not only the fact that got on with people, the nature allocated them with special abilities, both psychological, and physical. One of distinctions is that they move short steps. Why pigeons  do not jump as other birds? It appears, it is all about the anatomic building. Short steps of a pigeon occur because the structure of paws, hips, shins differs from other birds. For example, if to take a sparrow, then his hip is much shorter, than the shin, and paws are shorter in comparison with a trunk. It means that when walking the sparrow will have no side fluctuations, and he will fall, drawing near short steps. When walking a pigeon the fingers of pads go inside, his lower extremities undergo long, side fluctuations smoothly, and the pigeon moves with small steps, slowly rocking and  not falling. Also the pigeon can stand on one leg, unlike other small birds living in the territory of our country. Also the way of movement of pigeons is caused in the way of their life. The majority of birds of group of pigeon look for food on the earth, in soil, in sand, even on asphalt. For this purpose they have to have strong legs, they need to be able to move on plain surfaces. And quickly to avoid dangers, they have strongly developed wings. But It should be noted the fact that with small steps not all pigeons go. There are some types which jump as if sparrows. They live in tropical forests where they live on fruit trees. For this reason they have other structure of legs is perfect, and can only jump on the ground, but  not move short steps.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team