Additives and vitamins for appearance persons, hair and nails

Additives and vitamins for appearance persons, hair and nails

Before beginning to accept any given additives it should be taken into account that the instant effect will not come. In spite of the fact that at hit in organism they begin to work instantly, the visible effect will occur only 3-4 weeks later, and in certain cases later few months. This results from the fact that additives work at the new, growing cells of hair, nails and skin.

For improvement of skin to litsareshit problem of oily skin, to cope with the clogged-up pores and acne rashes you will be helped by intake of fatty acids omega-3 which have anti-inflammatory property. Their uniqueness is also that if your skin, then omega-3, dry, inclined to irritations, fills humidity completely. Fatty acids also use for treatment of eczema. Apply in the liquid state (cod-liver oil of 2 tsps on an empty stomach) or in capsules.

For magnificent to volosvsa the vitamins responsible for beauty of hair are subdivided into three groups:

  • Vitamins constantly necessary for hair: these are vitamins A and groups B, fatty acids omega-3. They add gloss, density and volume to hair. The visible effect of reception appears in month.
  • Vitamins for the emergency help: it is zinc and vitamins C and E. They are connected when hair under the influence of adverse climatic factors, the wrong leaving and avitaminosis become dim, lifeless, fragile, with split ends.
  • The vitamins correcting errors of improper feeding and deficiency of some substances: these are microelements iron and magnesium. Their shortage in organism is shown by the dimness increased by fragility and hair loss. Often it is observed at fans of coffee and alcohol, sweet and salty, pastries and carbonated drinks, and also at pregnant women and the feeding mothers. The shortage of these microelements is filled at reception of multivitamin complexes. But, when choosing complex be attentive. The fact is that magnesium is acquired only in the presence of calcium and potassium in equal parts.

For strong of nogteyesla your nails exfoliate and break, include additive with biotin in daily diet, by the way, it will improve also condition of hair.

For protection of skin from solntsas this purpose use lycopene which, being powerful antioxidant, protects skin from adverse effect of solar radiation and solar burns. Contains in tomatoes much.

Enrich also your diet with proteins – they are basis for creation of cages, include in it more fish, sheet vegetables, nuts, water and vegetable oils, in them there are all components of youth and beauty.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team