Age on face: as women in 30 years look

Age on face: as women in 30 years look

often say to many women who have reached thirty-year boundary that they do not look age. If to exclude the probability that the people telling it just want to flatter, then how the woman in 30 years has to look?


  1. Do not add to yourself flying by excessive make-up and the conservative clothes which are not suitable you on age exaggeratedly. Hardly someone from women wants to look age, having reached the thirtieth anniversary. If in youth many girls really like to seem is more senior, then in anticipation of the fourth ten the woman wants not to look worse than the younger girlfriends. Large amount of foundation, coal-black eyebrows and red lipstick can be still pardonable in the afternoon in make-up of absolutely young girl who owing to age has not learned to emphasize the strengths yet and to hide shortcomings. The women around 30 flyings who are made up brightly and coarsely, in most cases look just vulgarly. If the figure allows, then surely you wear fashionable and beautiful clothes. Certainly, microshorts with lacy fringe and short tops with Mickey Mouse will hardly organically look on someone 18 years are more senior, but to emphasize beautiful legs with skinni-jeans or miniskirt and it is not forbidden to refresh complexion with the white fitting t-shirt at all. Of course, it is not the best option of working clothes – especially if the rules introduced by your employer provide observance of strict dress code – but in free time you have the right to put on as it is necessary for you (and it is convenient).
  2. If you actually aim at looking significantly much younger, then surely find enough time for physical activities. It not only will make your figure more tightened and elastic and will allow to avoid emergence of excess weight, but also will help organism to produce hormones which promote improvement of type of skin and emergence of gloss in eyes. The women leading active lifestyle look significantly more young than the contemporaries also because in the majority they are cheerful optimists with smile upon the face. And nothing else so adds to the woman of age as glassy look, eternally frowned eyebrows and the pursed lips, so peculiar to many ladies who still were just yesterday fun-loving little girls.
  3. Pay attention that just at the age of near 30 flyings on skin the first wrinkles begin to appear. For this reason always carefully look after the person. If the young girl is not always able to afford to wash away for the night cosmetics, to have fun at noisy parties the whole nights and sometimes to eat fast food, then all excesses very quickly are reflected in the face of the thirty-year-old woman in the most unpleasant way. If you have not found the cosmetologist yet, then surely deal with this issue. Also leave off smoking if you still have not got rid of this addiction – nothing ages the woman's skin stronger, than nicotine. If you spend enough time in the fresh air, eat only healthy products, watch condition of the organism, play sports and do not abuse alcohol, then both in 30, and in 40, and in 50 years you will look much younger and more attractive than the contemporaries.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team