As do dreadlocks

As do dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are hairstyle from the locks of hair which are evenly confused on all length which receive, using special technology of weaving. Such hairstyle needs to be adjusted in process of growth of hair.

It is required to you

  • - hairbrush for backcombing;
  • - hairpins;
  • - scrunchies;
  • - woolen threads;
  • - wax for hair.


  1. Estimate length and condition of the hair. After twisting the size of locks will decrease by third therefore 15 cm are minimum length of hair for this hairstyle. Consider that dreadlocks will not improve condition of your curls. On the contrary, after unbraiding the hair can be seriously damaged, and they should be cut shortly.
  2. Wash up the head soap a day before the procedure of weaving of dreads. Do not use the conditioner that hair were simpler to be confused. In beauty shops before weaving for this purpose do easy chemical wave.
  3. Divide hair into locks thickness approximately about forefinger. Optimum quantity – 20-50 locks. In the basis of everyone Dreda the square with the party one and a half centimeters or has to lie less. Fix the separated locks by hairpins or thin elastic bands. Accurately divide hair that short hairs from one site have not got on another, otherwise dreadlocks can grow together at roots.
  4. Use special hairbrush with cloves of different length for creation of piles. Carefully comb each lock, moving from tips of hair to roots. This procedure can take several hours. The more densely you will comb hair, the dreadlocks will be more qualitative.
  5. Twist each lock, rubbing it with palms until it not to turn into dense hair plait. For volume at this stage it is possible to add woolen threads to dreadlocks.
  6. Create roundish tips of dreads. For this purpose carefully comb each tip, twirl it and densely fix by elastic band at distance 1 cm from the end. Dreadlocks carefully process everyone on all length wax for hair.
  7. Within two weeks daily to skatyvayta each lock one-two times. Wash hair with soap or natural shampoo. Do not use the conditioner or balm. In two weeks remove elastic bands from tips of hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team