As it is better to make curlies

As it is better to make curlies

Curlies are capable to change cardinally image, having made it more festive, romantic and gentle. Such hairstyle will be suitable both for appointment, and for celebration. Besides its creation does not take away a lot of time and forces. The main thing is to choose the correct way, proceeding from type of your hair.


  1. The simplest, but the least safe way to wind any hair is to use the curling iron. For this purpose it is necessary to wash up and to carefully dry up head of hear that the hairstyle looked tidy. Then to put on all length of curls it is a little wax for laying and, lock behind lock, to wind all hair. That curlies have turned out small, it is necessary to use the curling iron with thin nozzle and to wind small locks. The received hairstyle can be sprinkled varnish for fixing.
  2. For the lack of the curling iron it is possible to use the rectifier for hair, or as it is called still, the iron. To make curlies, prepare head of hear in the way described above, then separate from it one thin lock and capture her the iron. Wind curl on the device, and then carry out by him on all length of lock as when straightening. Repeat such procedure with all hair and sprinkle hairstyle varnish to keep curls for long time.
  3. Use thermohair curlers by means of which curls can be made in only 10-20 minutes. For this purpose put them in boiled water, previously having removed tucks, and wait 5 minutes. Then separate lock of hair, get some hair curlers and wind on them curl, record hair by means of tuck. Repeat this procedure with all hair. At the same time it is necessary to watch the water temperature that hair curlers have not cooled down. Take hair curlers about 10-15 minutes, and then remove. This way is considered one of the safest and is suitable for any type of hair.
  4. Girls with fine hair can wind them also by means of usual hair curlers, it is only necessary to do it on damp locks. Wash hair, dry their phenom a little and apply on them skin for laying. Then wind on hair curlers all hair, lock behind lock. Dry hair phenom, having exposed it on the minimum power, and wait some more hours. When the head of hear completely dries, remove hair curlers and beautifully lay curlies hands. Sprinkle the received hairstyle varnish. The locks wound thus most longer hold form.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team