How and when plant blackcurrant on personal plot

How and when plant blackcurrant on personal plot

Any currant very hygrophilous culture and rather shade-enduring. But at the same time prefers also impact of sunlight. It is better to plant blackcurrant in the low and humidified places protected from wind. In general, it is considered the storeroom of vitamins. Only the dogrose exceeds blackcurrant on vitamin C content. It contains also other useful substances: for example carotene and folic acid.

When to plant blackcurrant

It is better to plant blackcurrant in the fall, but it is possible also in the spring. Preference is given to fall because in the winter the soil around bush is condensed and it promotes rapid and early growth in the spring. In those places where snow happens very little, the roots of currant can freeze slightly and it is better to plant it in the spring. In the fall blackcurrant is planted approximately in the first middle of October, and in the spring - as soon as the soil will depart from freezing and snow will descend.

How to plant blackcurrant

Blackcurrant generally prefers fertile light loams. It is necessary to make lime application for other types of soils.

Before landing the earth is previously dug over in passing introducing organic fertilizers, for example humus. Then dig out landing hole up to 50 cm wide and up to 40 cm in depth. For autumn landing of hole prepare in 2-3 weeks that the earth has sunk. Further it is covered almost to the very top with earth mixed with humus or peat. Before landing the saplings of currant lower in the clay talker, it will help to avoid drying. Usually bushes of blackcurrant put at distance 1 m from each other. The earth in landing hole is moved apart and in it lower currant sapling a little at an angle. It is buried at 7 cm below root neck – it will allow to be created quicker to powerful root system and good bush. Then cover sapling with earth, gradually condensing the soil. At this time carry out abundant watering, about about 1 bucket of water on bush. From above around bush do hole for watering water. The top soil is powdered with peat or humus for moisture preservation. Then water again.

Approximately in week carry out scarification around bush and again it is abundant water.

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