As it is correct to braid braids

As it is correct to braid braids

Braids in fashion - them in pleasure are carried today not only by girls, but also quite adult girls. Try different options of weaving of braids and choose that which will approach your style. For bigger decorative effect of basket it is possible to decorate hairpins, hairpins and artificial with flowers.

It is required to you

  • - spray for laying;
  • - mousse for volume;
  • - hairbrush;
  • - transparent elastic bands;
  • - hairpins;
  • - hairspray;
  • - accessories for decoration of hairstyle.


  1. The simplest plait is done from three locks. Sprinkle clean hair spray for laying and comb. Collect them over the left ear and tie in tail elastic band in hair color. Divide tail into three parts and begin weaving, crossing locks. Do not pull together them - the braid has to become volume. Having finished weaving, tie the end elastic band. The braid can be thrown through shoulder or to curtail into volume bunch, having fixed by hairpins.
  2. Try to braid the French braid - it will be suitable for hair of any length and density. Wash up the head and dry up hair phenom. Then apply on them mousse for volume and rub it in roots of hair. Comb locks hairbrush with rare teeths.
  3. Separate part of hair on the top and divide it into three locks of the equal size. Begin to do plait, serially throwing locks in the center - at first left, and then right. Before crossing of locks add to them hair on the right and at the left. You watch that the braid has turned out uniform.
  4. Do plait to nape. Then continue usual basket from three locks. Fix tip of braid by transparent elastic band. Sprain it under basket and straighten that the equal roller has turned out. Pin up hairstyle hairpins and sprinkle varnish with gloss.
  5. On the basis of the French braid it is possible to do set of hair. Try to do plait in the form of wreath. Process hair mousse for creation of volume and comb. Separate rather narrow lock over the left ear, divide it into three parts. Do not hard plait, attaching to it thin locks from the remained mass of hair. Conduct basket along forehead to the right ear.
  6. Fix braid by thin transparent elastic band, comb the remained locks and twist them in plait. Curtail it into round or oblong bunch and pin up hairpins. Do not do bunch too accurate, it has to look slightly carelessly. Record hairstyle varnish. For more solemn occasion the basket can be decorated with large artificial flower or couple of graceful crests.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team