Than to take tumor out of the mouth after piercing

Than to take tumor out of the mouth after piercing

is popular type of bodimodifikation. Piercing of language which right after puncture is followed by hypostasis and other not palatable consequences is especially popular with teenagers. It is possible to remove or reduce puffiness of the punctured language if completely to follow certain recommendations.

Healing after piercing

Propirsingovanny language begins to live about two weeks. During this time the set of the bacteria which are contained in saliva which can be neutralized gets to wound, processing oral cavity antibacterial enzymes and special liquids for rinsing. Small puffiness in language will appear every other day after puncture and will reach the largest sizes in two-six days after the procedure.

In the first week after piercing of language it is recommended to eat exclusively soft food – nectars, yogurts, juice or baby food.

For reduction and removal of puffiness it is necessary to pick up correctly earring bar as if it too short, language swells up to the maximum. It is also desirable to apply resolvents after meal, processing them oral cavity several times a day. Besides, after meal it needs to be rinsed warm salty water. To remove hypostasis, to reduce pain and inflammation the cold and frozen foodstuff or cubes of ice / shredded ice will also help. At the same time it is possible to eat firm food, however it is necessary to do it very carefully not to bite bar in language and not to break teeth.

Rules of the address with the punctured language

The long dumbbell can be replaced with shorter after at least ten days to avoid repetition of hypostasis of language. It is necessary to delete daily from language and ornament the created raid. For this purpose perfectly the soft toothbrush approaches. Chilled water which is desirable for drinking every morning will help to reduce tumor in language. In the first days after piercing of language it is necessary to say as little as possible as excess movements of the injured language and dumbbell can disturb wound and cause bleeding from it.

That puffiness did not increase, for the period of healing it is necessary to refuse spicy food and hot liquid products – soup, tea, coffee. Alcohol is also temporarily contraindicated.

Also it is not recommended to feel at the initial stages of healing dumbbell tip of language and to try "to play" with it – it will slow down process of regeneration of fabrics and can provoke forming of hems. It is not recommended to remove dumbbell also as the puncture of language will very quickly grow and everything should be done in a new way. From oral sex it is necessary to vozderzhivat at least for fifteen days – kisses need to be postponed until full tightening of puncture too.

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