Medicinal properties of an anise

Medicinal properties of an anise

The anise is a grassy plant which homeland is Lebanon. Medicinal properties of an anise were known still for Romans. The ancient Roman writer and the political figure Pliny claimed that the plant rejuvenates an organism and also gives to breath freshness.

Useful properties and application of an anise

The essential oil prepared from an anise is used at treatment of asthma, loss of a voice and other bronchopulmonary diseases. Also the plant is applied to digestion improvement. As fruits of an anise possesses expectorant action, they are effective at treatment of cough, whooping cough, hoarseness and bronchitis.

It should be noted that seeds of an anise are febrifugal and antispasmodic means. The infusion received from this part of a plant is applied to improvement of a lactation.

However it is necessary to consider that at non-compliance with a dosage oil and infusions can become the reason of irritation of a stomach.

Fruits of an anise contain vitamin C, coumarin, стигмастерин and other useful minerals. For this reason by means of anise oil to increase appetite, to bring toxic agents out of an organism, to get rid of burns. Often the broth prepared from plant leaves is used for treatment of migraine, diarrhea, a scurvy, an aerofagiya, impotence. Infusion is effective at diseases of an urinogenital system. The drugs prepared from anise seeds normalize work of a liver, pancreas. Also the anise is applied in cosmetology. For example, by means of essential oil it is possible to raise a skin tone, to give it a healthy look. It is independently absolutely optional to prepare oil, it buy in pharmacy is possible.

Recipes for treatment by an anise

If you want to strengthen sexual desire, to restore a menstrual cycle, use broth. For its preparation fill in 4 teaspoons of fruits of an anise with a glass of boiled water. Put capacity on fire and you cook about 5-7 minutes. After that filter broth through a gauze. It is necessary to accept means 3 times a day on the 2nd tablespoons. To normalize work of an urinogenital system, to bring stones out of an organism, prepare seeds decoction. 2 teaspoons of seeds fill in 250 ml of boiled water. Put a saucepan on a water bath for half an hour, cool, filter, add some sugar to taste. Use broth on 2-3 tablespoons in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening. Essential oil from an ordinary anise is very effective at treatment of burns. To prepare means, mix several drops of essential oil with egg white, wipe with the received solution affected areas of skin. It is possible to accept anise oil inside, but not in pure form. It needs to be dissolved in milk or cream. Treatment by it means shouldn't continue more than a week.

Notice that anise oil at intake can cause allergies. Therefore be accurate.

Also you can prepare medical infusion from stalks of a plant (tea). Fill in 1 tablespoon of stalks with a glass of boiled water, draw means of 30 minutes, filter. Drink infusion on 60 ml 3 times a day.

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