How to make raspberry jam: grandmother's secrets

How to make raspberry jam: grandmother's secrets

It is necessary to stock up with raspberry jam for the winter. This excellent folk remedy from many illnesses. And still it is a tasty stuffing for buns, pies and home-made pastries. If raspberry jam is correctly cooked, then it can be stored many years and not lose the properties.

If berry for future jam is picked on the seasonal dacha, then it is necessary to do it in cool time, that is or early in the morning, or in the evening. If to pick raspberry during a heat, then it quickly will give juice and will become limp, without having waited when from it make jam. It is necessary to pick only ripe berry which easily separates from a sepal.

For jam it is necessary to select only the best berries. Are discarded immature, with wormholes, crumpled. They not only will spoil appearance of jam, but also can provoke fermentation.

Raspberry is very gentle berry, and therefore it is necessary to wash it especially. In a colander there is a portion of raspberry and plunges into a bucket with water. Then to water allow to flow down. If in raspberry there are worms, then it is necessary to ship a colander in salt solution (on liter of water the salt teaspoon with the hill undertakes), uninvited guests will emerge, and they should be removed with a spoon or a skimmer.

Jam needs to be cooked in the enameled basin though the copper basin was the best kitchen utensils for these purposes in Russia. Jam in it doesn't burn and cooks evenly. But, unfortunately, such ware can be bought unless only in antique shop. So it was lucky the one who got such basin by inheritance.

That jam turned out fragrant, berries in it didn't collapse, and remained whole, in a basin for cooking no more than two kilograms of raspberry at the same time, even in case there will be a lot of preparations are put. The berries which are filled up with sugar infuse 3-4 hours.

Raspberry jam doesn't suffer vanity and haste. It is cooked on weak fire in stages: the berry which infused with sugar is brought to the boil and cooked on small fire of 5 minutes. Then the plate is switched off, and jam cools down within five hours. So repeats time 3-4. 

Jam can be considered ready when berries are distributed in transparent syrup and don't emerge on its surface. Once again to make sure, it is necessary to drip on a saucer a little jam. They it is precisely ready if the drop doesn't spread. To avoid a jam zasakharivaniye, it is necessary to add to it the teaspoon of citric acid divorced in a small amount of water.

That jam could stay long, it is necessary to spill it hot in the dry banks sterilized minute in an oven. Bank it is closed by a cover and it is left before full cooling.

In England it is accepted to add currant to raspberry jam. These berries remarkably supplement each other. Jam from them turns out dense, jellylike and long doesn't become candied.

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