As it is correct to clarify and tint house hair

As it is correct to clarify and tint house hair

The aspiration to change to look attractive, inherent in any woman. Toning of hair – one of the easiest and safe ways to make changes to the appearance. But not many have enough time and opportunity for regular visits of beauty shop. Question as it is correct to clarify and tint hair in house conditions and at the same time to keep their beauty and health, many women are set.

As it is correct to clarify house hair

The procedure of clarification of hair demands care and laborious approach. At clarification the dark pigment of hair is removed from its upper layer and is substituted on lighter. To clarify hair in house conditions, it is possible to resort to national methods, first of all. The camomile, kefir and honey are considered as the safest means.

2 tablespoons of dry flowers of camomile should be filled in with 200 ml of boiled water, to close densely cover and to allow to infuse. After broth cools down, it needs to be filtered. It is possible to rinse with this liquid hair after to wash the heads. It is possible to do also clarifying mask of broth of camomile. Then it is necessary to add 60 g of glycerin to the cooled-down broth. To apply mix on dry hair. To cover the head with towel, previously having put on polyethylene hat or package. The mask should be held within 40 minutes, then to wash the head shampoo.

Masks from honey give the good clarifying effect. Before drawing honey it is necessary to wash up the head shampoo, having added to it ¼ teaspoons of baking soda. Then hair should be dried carefully. Slightly warm up honey before drawing on water bath. After drawing mask the head should be wrapped up. For achievement of good effect the mask should be held on hair till 10 o'clock therefore it is better to do such procedure for the night. Then the head should be washed usual shampoo. Use of honey allows to reach clarification of hair on 3 tones. For clarification of hair of the house it is possible to make kefiric mask. Warm up kefir just a little and apply it on dry hair on all length. It is not obligatory to wash the head before drawing such mask. Then wrap up the head and leave mask for 1 hour. It is also possible to carry out clarification of hair by means of special paints. But they should be used very carefully.

As it is correct to tint house hair

Toning of hair means coloring by means of the easy coloring means sparing hair. It is possible to tint hair the special painting means or by means of special shampoos. When toning after clarification it is necessary to choose the color close to your natural hair color, but it has to be 1-2 tones more dark. It is worth remembering that natural shades will not paint over the clarified hair therefore it is better to choose brown. It is also important to know that on the clarified hair as a result of toning lighter shade will turn out, than you have chosen. Before toning the hair should be washed usual shampoo (without balm use) and to dry slightly. Then begin to apply paint. For this purpose divide hair into 4 zones: hair parting from ear to ear and hair parting from the middle of forehead to neck. At first you apply paint on the clarified hair of occipital part of the head, then on zones at the person. And only after that – on the grown roots. Time of coloring of hair depends on the used dye, on average, 20 minutes. It is not necessary to wrap up the head. After time well wash away paint water and wash hair with the usual shampoo.

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