As it is correct to look after hands every day

As it is correct to look after hands every day

There is no show worse, than not well-groomed hands with rough skin and dirt under nails. Manicure with hangnails and residues of varnish of terrible color - neryashestvo top. Not only women, but also men have to look after hands. And in general, looking at hands, it is possible to tell a lot of things about the person. Actually, not such it is difficult process - to look after skin of hands. In house conditions it is quite possible to seize such science.

For a start we will consider some factors having negative effect on condition of hands and nails. To it it is possible to refer crusting, influence of sunshine, continuous contact with water and chemicals. Well, of course, washing and washing of ware of the house not to avoid therefore you are not lazy to grease hands with cream before the beginning and after homeworks. If the contact with cleaners is expected, then use gloves.

Beauty shops offer full range of services in the field of manicuring today, and visit them not only women. Some men wish to indulge hands with grass and flower baths too and even to paint nails in colourless matt lacquer for giving of esthetic look. By the way, in old times the notable men had long nails - look at Pushkin's portrait if you do not trust. But visit of manicure salons can be not to everyone on pocket or just there is no time there to go.

Prepare such bath in house conditions: pour warm water into deep ware, later add to it several drops of vegetable oil. It is the most plain solution which will steam your hands for further cleaning by brush and removals of hangnails and cuticle. Do not forget to grease hands with cream after that. Also baths can be from infusion of petals of roses, herbs, with addition of iodine and lemon juice.

The softness and smoothness will help to return to skin fat cream and polyethylene gloves. Be not surprised. Take usual (from box for hair-dyeing) fatly oil hands cream or vegetable and put on gloves, it is better to make it for the night. Remove them in the morning, massage hands with soft belongings, then wash up them water without soap. As for nails, salt baths will be useful to them. It will protect them from stratifying and will make strong. Do not abuse nail varnishes and gel and acrylic building. All this spoils nail plate and demands constant correction. You carry better nails of moderate length, oval form as under too long more dirt accumulates. Both do not cut and do not bite nails, apply nail file to their correction and you will be able to avoid deformation of tip of nail. You keep your hands and nails clean, keep their youth and you are not lazy to look after them.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team