As it is correct to pull out eyebrows

As it is correct to pull out eyebrows

On woman's face the most expressive part undoubtedly are eyes. The look can be made even more attractive, deep and mysterious by means of correctly chosen shape of eyebrows.

1. Remember that at plucking out of eyebrows the most important is respect for hygiene. After inaccurate correction there can be microinflammations which do not decorate the person and besides, they are very dangerous. Before starting plucking out, and tweezers carefully disinfect skin around eyebrows.

2. To soften eyebrows and gentle skin by means of hypoallergenic nutritious cream. Perfectly children's will be suitable for this purpose. It is the best of all to choose such cream which contains camomile extract in the structure. It will have good antiseptic properties. Thanks to these properties, the procedure of plucking out will become safer. Apply with thin layer cream. Let's it be absorbed completely.

3. Now define in what place your eyebrows have to begin and in what - to come to an end. Try to make it in classical option. For this purpose take usual pencil. Apply one its end to the tip of nose. Direct pencil so that it crossed internal corner of eye. The point in which it adjoins to eyebrow and has to become its beginning. Now develop pencil a little so that it passed through external corner of eye. Here in classical option the eyebrow has to come to an end.

4. Now try to use simple female cunning. Take soft pencil for eyebrows. Experts advise that the natural shade was for this purpose used. On skin carry out desirable form. After that take tweezers. Pull out hairs which are beaten out from the line drawn by you.

5. If you have pain during plucking out of eyebrows as a result of hypersensibility of skin, before the procedure wipe it with ice from camomile infusion. Right after correction of shape of eyebrows apply cool napkin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team