As it is correct to use autosuntan

As it is correct to use autosuntan

Correctly picked up autosuntan will help to give to skin beautiful healthy shade quickly. That means laid down exactly, without forming spots and strips, buy autosuntan of the necessary shade and you apply it to the prepared skin. You do not hurry - the procedure of artificial suntan demands care.

Autosuntan choice

Gels, creams, emulsions, sprays can create artificial suntan. Choose means depending on shade of the skin. If it at you very light, buy the most gentle tone, chocolate suntan will be suitable for more dark skin. On sale is both universal remedies, and the autosuntan intended for the person, body and also its separate parts - for example, legs.

There are means for maintenance of shade of skin - the moistening emulsions and lotions with the tinting effect. They not only give to the face and body pleasant golden shade, but also look after skin, feeding and softening it.

Preparation of skin and causing autosuntan

That the tone of skin has turned out equal, before the procedure process body srub and rigid bast. After washing rub light lotion or emulsion in skin. Choose the liquid moistening means which are instantly absorbed. Dry sites of skin after causing autosuntan can look too dark. In order to avoid ugly spotty effect they need to be protected in addition. Apply with foot dry oil on elbows, knees and upper part and slightly rub it in skin. Beginning to use better the painted means - when drawing you will see borders of causing autosuntan. Begin drawing with neck and breast, gradually moving ahead to legs. You do not apply means on area of armpits, knees and elbows. Just pound cream around these zones, carefully shading borders. If there were strips, erase surplus of cream damp towel. At once after causing autosuntan carefully wash up hands with soap. If not to make it, palms will get unnatural dark orange shade. Carefully process joints, cuticles and area between fingers to remove residues of cream. After the procedure do not put on, let's cream or emulsion be absorbed completely. Within several hours it is not recommended to take shower. To support beautiful shade of skin, update autosuntan each 3-4 days. Before drawing surely peel and moisturize the skin, otherwise suntan will turn out uneven. Autosuntan is put on face by the same principle. At first leather is processed by srub, then fat cream is applied on eyebrows and roots of hair. Carefully distribute autosuntan finger-tips, pounding it from the center of the person to the periphery. To level borders, dry hands pound area at the lower part of chin, ears and back side of neck. You watch that autosuntan has not got on hair, especially light or decoloured - cream or spray can leave on them ugly spots.

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