As it is simple to organize for himself home SPA salon

As it is simple to organize for himself home SPA salon

The industry of beauty offers set way of fight against aging today, including use of improbable quantity of cosmetic products which promise to create with skin miracle, and visit of beauty shops. But to make itself beautiful independently, without resorting to expensive procedures and without littering the shelves with useless cosmetics, it is unambiguously possible.

To arrange for itself day of Spa, without leaving the house, quite perhaps. For this purpose everything needs to be rasaplanirovat in advance that this action became valid absolute relax. It is important that such day or evening were absolutely free from household chores and phone calls. It can be carried out in loneliness or in the company of darling. Such pastime can become great tradition in couple.

Products for house Spa procedures

For relax not to do without special attributes. The benefit, in usual supermarkets and specialized shops is available the huge choice of cosmetic products and different pleasant trifles for carrying out Spa procedures. Their cost pleasantly surprises. On any budget, even absolutely modest it is possible to equip cozy home day spa. Will be necessary following simple and traditional are blown: 

- sea or aromatic salt;

- cosmetic or any other vegetable oil;

- candles;

- clay or porcelain teapot with the made in advance herbal or fruit tea;

- honey;

- bathing terry towels;

- pleasant quiet music.

Cosmetic oils if there is such opportunity, it is better to get in specialized shop. If there is no such opportunity, it is worth buying them in drugstore. There are no rules of acquisition, and only the idividualny taste is considered. Someone prefers citrus aromas. They are capable to take off fatigue, to lighten the mood, to improve condition of skin. If there is intolerance of any aromas, and there is a wish to moisturize the skin, then in this case it is possible to use jojoba oil or oil of camellia. The aroma at them is almost absent. If jojoba oil very famous, and its many apply in skin care long ago, then oil of camellia is known less. This remarkable cosmetic which exceeds many cosmetic oils on the ukhodovy effect. Not for nothing the Japanese geishas since ancient times use camellia in care for skin of body, hair and nails.

The first ancient records of use of oil of camellia say that it has begun in China more than two thousand years ago. Since then this product is used in the southern provinces of China, in Vietnam and Japan. Oil practically does not smell, and the nut note can make the way only a little unostentatiously. It can form great base for addition of various essential oils. Means perfectly nourishes skin, does not hammer time, humidifies, smoothes small wrinkles.

Anti-aging female elixir is essential oil of sage muscat. Its application customizes the hormonal system of organism on healthy harmony. Curative properties of sage were known still to the Egyptian Pharaohs. Ancient records of its use everywhere have remained. It is the powerful antioxidant promoting prevention of appearance of wrinkles and weakening of muscles, flabbinesses of skin and other signs of aging. 

Gynecologists recommend to use sage oil in the period of PMS, menopause. He perfectly removes irritability, spasms, inflows and favorably influences the general condition of female body. In cosmetic procedures the sage is not seldom applied in hair care. Addition in shampoo of several drops of oil promotes removal of itch of head skin, elimination of dandruff and also influences increase in growth of hair.

These types of oils can be used as in day of relax, and it is regular. They met powerful improving effect. In general, for spaprotsedur also the products which are available in the fridge are applicable. The milk or cream added to bathtub will make skin silky. From favourite fruit it is possible to prepare face pack, to lay out it in in advance prepared beautiful capacity and to put in the bathroom. Perfectly banana, kiwi, persimmon will approach for this purpose. And having softened fruit and having added honey there, it is possible to receive such mix which will saturate skin, having made it humidified. The fruit aroma will pleasantly fill the bathroom.

The Spa procedure needs to be finished, having drunk tea cup with honey. And still it is desirable to keep this weakened state longer. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team