As Sofia Rotaru keeps beauty

As Sofia Rotaru keeps beauty

, as a rule, do not spare anybody, and even the most faultless beauties cannot avoid withering. But there is on the Russian platform surprising woman who, apparently, managed to open secret of eternal youth. Name to it – Sofia Rotaru.

The singer willingly shares secrets of the beauty. According to her, it is helped by the simple means available to each woman. First of all, it is mineral water. Sofia Mikhaelovna washes every day melt mineral water which she freezes previously in the fridge. Help to keep form to the singer and occupations on exercise machines. In particular, she prefers the exercise bike and also likes to go to swimming and to visit sauna. As tells itself Rotar, she played sports since the childhood, especially loved gymnastics and track and field athletics. Since then also has got used to behave always in excellent physical shape.

Diet from Sofia Rotaru

Sofia Rotaru does not hide that her, as well as many other women, problems with excess weight did not pass. However she begins to fight against unnecessary kilograms in time. At the same time Rotaru follows the example of other ingenious actress – the ballerina Maya Plisetskaya who always says that to get rid of extra kilos, it is necessary just to close mouth on the lock and is nothing.

Sofia Mikhaylovna has also branded diet which the singer considers tasty and useful. The first 3 days need to be eaten unsalted boiled rice, then 3 more days – stewed, boiled or crude vegetables, and the next 3 days – only fruit. To the rotor claims that this diet is very effective. Besides, the singer almost does not add some salt to food and tries not to eat after six o'clock in the evening.

Sofia Rotaru has got used to divide products on the table into 2 categories: those which are not useful, and those which are useful to skin. The first she indulges herself very seldom, and the second, i.e. natural products, eats daily.

Garden and sea air

It is known that Sofia Rotaru constantly lives in Yalta. And, of course, curative Crimean air – half sea, half mountain – cannot but promote maintaining beauty and youth. Besides, the singer adores working in the garden, growing up fruit and flowers. Work in the fresh air and constant communication with the nature help it to take off the fatigue which has collected during another tours and to relax properly. And, certainly, Sofia Mikhaelovna very much likes to have a rest at the sea and even to fish together with the son and grandsons. However, Rotaru does not deny that she had to use services of plastic surgeons. What to do! Appearance for the singer – one of necessary components of profession. The famous plastic surgeon Zaur Bytdayev so speaks about it: I admire her ability to save face and by what methods is its personal record. And is it important how many years now to the famous singer … The main thing – Sofia Rotaru is still young at heart, body and continues to please numerous admirers with the beauty and charm.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team