As there is bran oat for weight loss

As there is bran oat for weight loss

Giving in to order of the day to eat various additives, the few actually understand that they give oat bran to figure and intestines. This, undoubtedly, useful product, can do harm if it is wrong to use it.

It is necessary to know not only what effect gives this product, but also how to use oat bran to lose weight.

What is it?

If you have decided to eat oat bran for weight loss, without using bran before in general, it is necessary to consult with the doctor. It is quite rough product which can litter intestines if to abuse it. Besides you should not forget that any bran including oat, contain huge amount of indigestible cellulose. Therefore they are contraindicated to people with violation of work of digestive tract.

Why oat bran?

Oat bran for weight loss is very effective. First, they contain group B vitamins, manganese and magnesium that provides strengthening of hair and improvement of condition of skin which so suffer during diets. Secondly, cellulose, getting into stomach, inflates and long is not digested. It gives feeling of satiety at several o'clock. In fact, it turns out that you have used the minimum quantity of calories, and have gorged on nearly for half a day.

In what look to get product?

Oat bran can be bought in any drugstore or department of dietary food. It is not important where you will buy them, the main thing, attentively to read structure on packing. It is necessary to consider that though it is more pleasant to eat the granulated bran, but the effect of them is not enough. Such product contains salt, sugar and other preservatives that brings its usefulness to naught. Therefore it is better to take simple ground bran without synthetic additives. What does oat bran with natural pieces of cranberry or other berries give? First, more pleasant taste. Secondly, these additives help to adjust digestion.

Reception mode

To achieve desirable result and to lose weight, it is necessary to know how to use oat bran. As the product, absorbing liquid, just inflates in stomach, it is impossible to abuse it. You should not "gorge on" bran to lose weight. This supportive application, but not replacement of food. Excessive consumption of bran can litter stomach and to you will be not before weight loss any more. In general it will be better if the dose is calculated by the doctor. It is approximately possible to tell that in day the adult can eat no more than 50 g of bran. For beginners the daily portion makes 30 g. If to measure bran by spoons, then 1 teaspoon is equal to 5 g. That is, in day it is possible to eat up to 10 spoons of product. It is necessary to consider that at the initial stage the dose has to be 5 times less. Bran usually adds to kefir, having allowed them to bulk up within half an hour, or pours directly to soup.

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