How to choose gel for nail extension

How to choose gel for nail extension

The choice of gels for nail extension is quite complex business, there is a lot of manufacturing firms of such materials; products which they turn out are various on the characteristics. Gels differ in consistence, color, features of application, and the masters using goods of any given firm select them generally by practical consideration. As to make right choice?


1. Before stopping on some grade of gels, try to learn everything about the most famous producers. Solid firms usually have the website. Come and study information that they release whether they have own laboratories as test the products whether someone from them has the distributor network in your city. All this demonstrates solidity of the producer and will be guarantee that you will not come across "garage and basement" firm with doubtful goods and also will be able to be defined how you will fill up the stocks.

2. Choose two-three the most attractive to you the producer and pay attention to whether they have recommendations or instructions for work with materials, and in particular, with gel. So you get preliminary idea of pluses and minuses of various gels.

3. Do not forget to look for independent reviews of products of these firms and nuances of its use. You can also ask on gels at masters who do manicure on this technology in your city.

4. It is better if you look for not just gels, and gel systems which have already included all necessary for nail extension, including, perhaps, and ultra-violet devices. There are on sale special starting sets for beginners - such sets are often complemented with the training disks.

5. Upon purchase of gel pay attention to whether it has certificate of quality.

6. Think what you wait for from use of gel what effect you want to gain whether interests you transparent or color gels what consistence it has to be and how to harden. Pay attention that there are gels stiffening under the influence of UV rays, and those which harden when drawing on them the so-called catalyst of polymerization. Gels of the first group have no smell, more liquid therefore are without effort put, and after drying well give in to processing. But keep in mind that usually producers of such materials release in addition and lamp which creates the most optimum temperature condition for the gels. If you use other lamp, you risk not to guess with power and as a result receive or sticky, "rubber" nails, or overdried – brittle and darkened. Gels of the second group of keeping under light of lamp do not demand. They more dense and viscous on consistence are also applied usually or brush, or directly from tube. These gels it is more difficult in processing, but also stronger.

7. You have to decide how you want to apply varnish: for once, for two or for three. The most economical option which is suitable for beginners – gel single-phase. Such best of all suits people with hypersensibility of skin and with weak nails. But if you are interested in difficult invoices and drawings, for this purpose three-phase gels will approach more.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team