As to dye hair in bright color

As to dye hair in bright color

Still quite recently women dyed hair henna or peroxide of hydrogen. Without adhering to the correct proportions by drawing up mix for coloring, it was possible to receive radical color. Today the woman can without problems from the blonde turn into the brunette or to become the owner of exotic shade of hair.


  1. It is not obligatory to understand as bright color pink or red. If you want to have original hair color, but are afraid to go too far, choose suitable shade depending on the type of appearance. Having decided on such experiment, choose the color which is effectively emphasizing your advantages and masking shortcomings.
  2. If are up to the end not sure of the choice, do not make up all head entirely at once. Begin with highlighting or kolorirovaniye. So you will be able to connect natural beauty of hair and bright accents. Do not forget about rules of combination of flowers. It is better for brunettes to decorate head of hear with emerald or bright blue locks to emphasize identity and originality of style. And blondes can make the orange or red locks framed with chestnut or chocolate shades.
  3. To dye hair in bright color, buy paint of the checked manufacturing firm. You will be able to find special series for girls who prefer bright scale in shop. Do not mix several shades independently and do not buy cheap paint of doubtful quality.
  4. Before the procedure do not wash the head and make the test for allergy. Prepare means for hair-dyeing, following instructions in the instruction. Make paint z stock.
  5. On temples and forehead grease skin with cream that it was not painted.
  6. Divide hair two perpendicular hair partings passing through the top into 4 zones. Apply dye on hair partings, and then on nape. Paint temporal and frontal part in the last turn.
  7. The hair are more dense and thicker, the more thinly there have to be locks for coloring. Reckon hold time right after putting dye
  8. Before washing away paint, check whether all hair are well processed. For this purpose by means of hairbrush remove paint on the ends and roots and compare them. If have noticed shortcomings of the performed work, carry out emulsification: apply on hair of a little warm water, slightly make foam and distribute on all surface of the head. Carry out the massing movements, adhering to the line of growth of hair. Then wash the head and enjoy new image.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team