As white tattoos become

As white tattoos become

Not so long ago such phenomenon as white tattoo became known. And as all new, it has caused heap of questions at once. How it becomes and what differs from traditional black tattoo in?

In what difference of white tattoo?

The tattoo is process of drawing the drawing on body, by means of traumatizing the upper layers of the skin and introduction of the painting pigment there. Tattoos can be divided into 2 groups: one-color and multi-color. The black tattoo is considered the most popular. It is not such bright as multi-color tattoo. In black color it is possible to execute both simple ornament or inscription, and more difficult art tattoo with use of half tones and shadows.

White tattoo in essence what does not differ from black or color in. It is put also by means of introduction of the painting pigment under skin. All its difference in the most painting pigment of white color. Except color it not in what does not differ from others.

In white color it is possible to pin any inscription, ornament or the drawing. Advantage of white color is that it not so is evident. On it it is safely possible to do tattoo in a visible place. Most often such tattoos apply on wrists, forearms, neck, and at times and on the person. Especially favourably openwork patterns look.

Process of drawing tattoo

Now tattoos become by means of special tattoo cars. On the planned drawing the master pierces the upper layer of the skin of 4-5 mm in depth. Due to vibrations, paint from needle gets to the formed wound. The procedure is rather painful, especially the first 20-30 minutes. If you have hypersensibility, then it is worth applying the special anesthetizing cream or to give injection. The applied paint will not be washed away any more, however it is worth listening to all recommendations of the master in care for tattoo.

It is necessary to remember

. It is necessary to remember that the white tattoo, as well as any other, gets out of the shape and color over time. At first it will look brightly. You can see such bright tattoos on boards. But over time the skin layer over tattoo will muffle its brightness, and it will become beige or even yellow color. Any tattoos needs to be adjusted and updated. It means that in several years you should subject the skin to traumatizing by needle again. One more nuance – color of your skin. On swarty skin the white tattoo will look brightly and expressively, and on light is not noticeable at all. On it soberly consider what you want and whether it is worth going on such victims.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team