Bald head at the man: as it is possible to recover hair

Bald head at the man: as it is possible to recover hair

Baldness represents hair loss in large number. Such violation meets at strong half of mankind more often. For hair recovery of the man are influenced by various techniques and means.

Causes of baldness

As a rule, men begin to grow bald with the top and front part of skull. The bald man seems to many women more sexual and attractive. But the most part of the stronger sex at emergence of similar problem is concerned by loss of hair. Often it leads to emergence of complexes. The reasons of allopecia or pathological hair loss are:

- intake of some medicines; - frequent stressful situations;

- unbalanced food; - hereditary factor; - some diseases of organism.

Effective remedies for hair recovery

There are 4 techniques used for prevention of further loss and hair recovery: - operational method; - anti-androgenic therapy; - physical therapy; - local stimulation of growth of hair. Operational intervention, as a rule, is used at extensive baldness. Depending on the area of defeat and specific features of organism various ways of restoration are applied. For example, at small baldness it is recommended to carry out the procedure of extension of sites of skin with the normal growth of hair. Also transplantation of hair bulbs from one part of the head on another therefore it is possible to restore head of hear completely is performed. Anti-androgenic therapy represents influence by special medicines on area of baldness. It should be noted that such technique is not recommended for young men as can cause number of by-effects. For example, there can be problems with erection and weight. There are softer medicines, but they are used in complex with other ways of hair recovery.

Local application of lucerne, primrose, clover, oil of avocado or jojoba resume growth of hair without side effects.

The physical therapy is intended for improvement of blood circulation in head skin cells. For this reason the food of hair bulbs becomes active that leads to rapid growth. The widespread device for house holding procedure is the laser hairbrush which regular use leads to growth stimulation.

For achievement of effect of laser hairbrush it is recommended to hold sessions 2-3 times a week on 10-15 minutes.

Stimulators for local influence are intended for preservation of the available hair and renewal of growth from bulbs. As a rule, this method is effective at early stage of baldness when hair bulbs are still alive. If the bald head has developed long ago, do not wait for positive dynamics as stimulators do not influence the died follicles. As house stimulators means on the basis of honey, mustard, red pepper can be used. They improve skin nourishment and stimulate blood circulation at the expense of what it is possible to return quickly enough lost hair.

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