Black hair color: pluses and minuses

Black hair color: pluses and minuses

One of the easiest ways to achieve changes in the appearance is change of hair color. Black color looks is very remarkable, and the effective brunette will hardly remain unnoticed. However before making the decision and to register to the hairdresser, learn about pluses and minuses of this shade.

Girls with black hair color really look effectively. Not all men prefer blondes. In mass consciousness of the brunette are allocated with sexuality and charm, they are strong and self-assured personalities. If you position yourself as the strong-willed and independent woman, the black hair color will help you to create the necessary image and to declare the qualities.

Clean black goes not much, but if you have guessed with shade, you will look really fantastically. To try to become the brunette costs to the girl with equal light or olive skin. Also it is possible to pay attention to black to the sunbathed girls, but not the fact that after suntan is washed away, this shade will look so effectively. In general black hair suit young ladies with tsvetotipy winter. This shade makes them similar on belosnezhek or mysterious snow queens.

Together with change of hair color you should think also of change of make-up. If you always dreamed of juicy shadows and bright lipstick, but against the background of ashy hair such make-up looked is inappropriate, then now you are able to afford to experiment – your new hairstyle demands worthy frame. The pink and turquoise shadows saturated smoki-ayz, scarlet, carrot or violet lipstick, dense eyeliner – now you can experiment with it, and to you, most likely, will approach.

The black hair color goes not all. If you are mistaken, it will emphasize all your shortcomings – skin reddenings, shadows under the eyes and also will add two-three of years. And it will be not so simple to correct error. From one coloring it is possible to clarify hair on two-three tones, but if you decide to get rid completely of dark shade, it is necessary to you long and persistently to it to go, and after – to recover the injured hair. If over time again it wants to you changes, and you decide to change hair color, you will be waited by the same problem – to turn into the blonde or the brown-haired woman will be difficult. It is quite easy for young ladies who have by nature dark hair to maintain beauty of the painted curls. However if you by nature the blonde or fair-haired, in one or two weeks at you are noticeable the grown roots that against the background of dark hair will be very noticeable. Frequent coloring spoils hair, light roots spoil look, and coloring balms will not give you the necessary shade. To girls who cannot cope with dandruff in any way, it is also not necessary to dye hair in black. Against a dark background the flaking scales will be very noticeable.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team