Bleaching of the person in house conditions: we force skin to shine whiteness

Bleaching of the person in house conditions: we force skin to shine whiteness

Need to bleach face can arise at uneven suntan of skin when on face there were noticeable traces from sunglasses. Some women are disturbed by the appeared freckles. Change of image can demand skin lightening too. There is set of ways to bleach face in house conditions.

Secretion of snow-white porcelain skin of the Japanese geishas consists in use of rice bran. In small linen sack fill rice flakes, moisten fabric with warm water and carefully rub face. If near at hand there is no rice bran – they with ease will be replaced by porridge. Take new kapron sock and fill in it couple of spoons of oat flakes. Dip sack into warm water and with circular motions massage face. Daily washing by porridge will give to your skin whiteness and dullness.

Change sack contents each 3 days.

Juice of cucumber and parsley have the strong bleaching effect. For saving of time it is possible to prepare ice cubes for skin wiping. Crush cucumber, wring out juice by means of gauze and pour on molds. Parsley needs to be cut and filled in with boiled water small. When liquid cools down, it is filtered and frozen. Wipe face with ice cubes every morning before putting day cream.

Wiping by ice contraindicated at couperosis.

One of options of the well-known mask of Cleopatra is the effective bleaching means. In ceramic or glasswares mix two tablespoons of cosmetic clay (white or blue) with egg yolk and tablespoon of sour cream. At the skin inclined to fat content, add teaspoon of lemon juice, and at dry and normal – spoon of the oat flakes ground in the coffee grinder. Having carefully mixed, the mask is applied to the cleaned face skin for 20 minutes. Lactic acid perfectly clarifies skin and levels complexion. Add two tablespoons of cognac and juice of one lemon to 100 g of warm milk. Impregnate gauze napkins with the received solution and put on face. In 15 minutes wash or wipe skin with lotion, apply nutritious cream. Quickly the mask from cottage cheese will help to bleach skin. Pound 50 g of cottage cheese with egg yolk and 5 drops of peroxide of hydrogen. The mask is put on face and neck for 20 minutes, removed damp cosmetic disk. For preparation of the bleaching mask for sensitive skin mix spoon of grated horse-radish and the crushed oat-flakes with acid milk or curdled milk before formation of dense gruel. Carefully put weight on face and wait for 20 minutes. Wash cold water or broth of camomile. Quite aggressive, but very effective recipe of the bleaching mask: add hydrogen peroxide before formation of foam which is put on face thin layer to 30 g of yeast. When mix dries on skin, put the second layer. Repeat up to 5 times. After washing surely put on face nutritious cream thick layer.

The clarifying procedures provoke dryness of skin therefore alternate the bleaching and nutritious masks.

In addition to the bleaching masks and creams it is possible to make cucumber lotion. Cut cucumbers thin rings and, having filled in with vodka, place in the dark place for week. Then filter and pour in convenient bottle. Wipe skin with lotion every evening. Cosmetologists recommend to begin bleaching of the person late fall. In the flying the sun is too active and the clarifying procedures will not bring results. Since early spring surely use sun-protection cosmetics with the SPF filter not less than 20 and your skin will shine whiteness.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team