Body skin care

Body skin care

Here also the beach season comes. Remained very little, but whether you are ready to it? And how it is, actually, necessary to prepare?

Initially the body of each girl is perfect, but certain efforts are required every year to support it in the necessary tone. The fact that it is regularly necessary to carry out various physical exercises and not to eat junk food, it is known to all, but how it is correct to look after our skin? The answer only one — the correct leaving by means useful for this purpose. In general it is possible to allocate three stages of leaving: 

The first stage — clarification

From what do each girl and in general any person, have to begin the day? Of course, from reception of shower. As for water temperature, optimum it is possible to consider that which is most comfortable to you. But also in the improving purposes it is recommended to apply sometimes and contrast shower which will encourage and your body will calm. 

Use rigid bast which with guarantee will remove "dead" parts of skin and will make it dazzling and clean. Also various srubs, essential oils or salts which will excellently clean your pores from the collected dirt can be applied. Do not take hot baths needlessly as they are very harmful to skin. 

Following to these simple rules will lead to improvement of state not only skin, but also all organism: the metabolism, blood circulation and work of nervous system will improve. At the end of this procedure do not forget to have a shower bath whenever possible cold water — it will encourage your body and will give energy for all day.

The second stage — deep cleansing

At this stage in your use surely there has to be srub mentioned above. As it was already told, it perfectly cleans pores, does skin smooth and silky and deletes the old died-out cages which only age your skin. The srub should be applied to previously moisturized skin and to do it so as if you massage body. 

The third stage — moistening and nutrition

After peeling, skin needs immediate restoration. With it you will be helped by various creams, lotions and balms capable to moisturize the skin of any type. Large amount of oils as a part of good cream should not prevent its fast absorption skin. But nevertheless it is not necessary to apply them too often and in large quantities. All has to be moderately. 

Frequent greasing of skin various creams can weaken its natural elasticity and beauty, ability to produce own acids and fats. It is not recommended to mix cream also as they can have absolutely different structure and components which enter means, will only interfere with each other and not to bring absolutely any benefit.

It is necessary to remember one — well-groomed skin makes girls attractive and deserving noteworthy. There are recognized beauties who would not look after the skin? No! For this reason it is necessary to protect the body and to look after it everyday.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team