Botox for hair: pluses and minuses

Botox for hair: pluses and minuses

The modern list of procedures in byyut of the industry is capable to throw in shock. Set of new procedures have captivated the market of beauty. Among procedures for hair Botox for hair has special popularity. But before registering, it is necessary to learn about its advantage and also possible side effects and contraindications.

What is Botox

Some know that the full name of Botox — botulotoxin. It is protein which is synthesized by certain bacterium. It is one of the most difficult elements which live microorganisms are capable to reproduce. Originally Botox became known as very strong poison, but modern technologies have turned it into world famous cosmetology means. The popularity of medicine is caused by properties of protein. Botulotoxin is capable to form the special channel by means of which there is protein transportation. Restoration at the level of cages results. 

And if to surprise nobody with use of Botox for skin any more, then concerning use of medicine for hair still there are disputes. Some consider that it is just marketing mix, others with confidence speak about amazing results.

For the first time to use botulotoxin as the procedure for hair, was solved by the Arab cosmetologists. They guarantee that after the first session the hairs will become shiny and silky, obedient and easy. It is considered that result from the cosmetic procedure for hair instant and rather long. The first new and unique structures for hair have tested Frenchwomen and Spaniards. As a result in the first month 1.5 million packs of Botox for hair have been sold. But what actually is under this name?

Botox grades for hair and active agent in structure 

There is no wish to upset, but the name ""Botox for hair"" — only marketing mix in the extensive market of means for appearance hair. Actually in cosmetics intra-silane is used. It perfect other molecule but at the same time having properties, similar to botulotoxin. Intra-silan is the organic molecule capable to get into the center of hair and to collect there. During the procedure the molecule gets and is built in structure of hair, thereby improving it.

It is possible to distinguish the following from the extensive list of medicines as the most known and popular:

  2. KALLOS HAIR BOTOX (Hungary);
  4. HONMA TOKYO (Japan).

Botox pluses for hair

During the procedure the food of hair occurs from within. Botox for hair differs in it from set of procedures which with ease can be carried out in house conditions. The accumulative effect, as well as at long ago known lamination is observed. After each repetition of the procedure duration of effect remains longer and longer. 

After service of Botox for hair the following merits are defined:

  1. Improvement of growth rate of hair;
  2. Lack of split ends;
  3. Easy, obedient and silky hair;
  4. Slightly raised roots;
  5. Strengthening of roots of hair and decrease in number of vypadayemy hairs.

But before urgently registering in the procedure Botox for hair, it is necessary to learn about contraindications and possible consequences of the procedure at first.

Contraindications of the procedure and possible consequences

Botox for hair cannot be done during pregnancy and feeding by breast. It is connected with pungent smells which can negatively affect during such unusual periods at women. Also contraindication for holding procedure are critical days. As a result of change of hormonal background the obtaining not that result which wants to be received is possible.

It should be noted that holding procedure in house conditions can lead to negative consequences. If not to follow technology, then hair can be injured critically. Here it is possible to refer also use of low-quality compositions of Botox for hair. Therefore it is better to register in salons where there are positive reviews from the clients who have tried the procedure. Besides it is worth paying attention to the following councils:

  1. The procedure cannot be done after chemical wave. Otherwise hair will begin to drop out. 
  2. If the client wants to improve quality of the clarified hair which have been processed blondorany, then it is impossible to do it by means of Botox categorically. The result will be completely opposite. Loss speed considerably will increase, and the quality considerably will worsen. Most likely hair will just turn into straw.
  3. Too frequent use of Botox will also lead to negative consequences. At ox the quality will worsen and they will have quite untidy appearance.

Botox for hair — the fine procedure if competently to make the decision what master to address and what medicine to use.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team