Branded cosmetics: how to distinguish the original from fake?

Branded cosmetics: how to distinguish the original from fake?

the modern world of fake expect us practically everywhere including among cosmetics. Most often forge expensive branded cosmetics.

The result of acquisition of fake can be various: from simple inefficiency of means to serious diseases of skin and eyes, and even anaphylactic shock.

As to secure itself and will learn to distinguish fake?

First of all it is necessary to study attentively how means necessary to you on the official site of brand looks.

Upon purchase it is necessary to pay attention on:

  1. Packing.

Packing of means has to be accurate, not rumpled, with exactly pasted label. Information on it is written without mistakes. The indication of date of production, expiration date, code stroke is obligatory. It is possible to rub letters, at expensive branded cosmetics they are not so just wiped. The font of writing matches the original.

Also color of packing should not will cause a stir from color on the official site.

Any branded goods are packed in cellophane. Such protective cover should not form wrinkles or folds.

Often original product contains additional insert with information. It can be seen, having pulled sticker for bottom edge.

  1. Structure.

The structure on the official site and on packing has to match completely. At any deviations or mistakes in the name it is possible to claim safely that before you fake.

  1. Means shades

Producers of counterfeit cosmetics often invent new colors and assign them nonexistent names and numbers. Compare shades and their names on the official site of cosmetic brand.

  1. Texture.

Ask tester. There should be no suspicious impregnations, deposit.

Qualitative shadows and blush will not roll down or be smeared, lipstick will lay down exactly and will not spread, and ink terribly will not stick together eyelash and to be showered.

  1. Pay attention to state and quality of brushes and sponges.

At brush fakes significantly differ in form, the size, color of pile and also quality. They can scratch skin, to be strongly shabby, to have the pile which is sticking out in different directions and threads.

  1. Price.

If the price of branded cosmetics is too low, it is serious occasion to think of purchase.

  1. Place of acquisition.

It is the simplest to avoid fake in brand stores which value the reputation.

And it is even better to find information on with what shops they cooperate on the official site of cosmetic brand.

Be very attentive upon purchase and in advance decide on means which you want to get to collect all information on it.

Considering all above-stated councils, chance to run into fake will be minimum.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team