How to use hair serum

How to use hair serum

serums – new word in beauty industry. They represent the concentrated means for hair recovery and care for them. On the action serum unites three main means: the moisturizing balm, medical mask and mousse. It is not necessary to wash away it. Except above-mentioned advantages of serum, It should be noted ease of its application and instant effect. The method of application of serum depends on its appointment.


  1. Burdock serum is intended for acceleration of growth of hair. It contains the active agents stimulating follicles and also the nutritious ingredients giving energy to cells of skin and hair. After use of burdock serum the hair remain clean and fresh. Apply it the massing movements to head skin, and then - and at all length of hair. It is possible to use means both on dry, and on moist hair, 3 times a week.
  2. Serum for tips of hair is necessary for the splitting head of hear. This cosmetic smoothes scales of hair and does not allow them to split further. The greatest advantage of serum for tips that it does not make heavier hair, and does them humidified smooth and obedient. It is necessary to apply this serum after each washing - from the middle of hair to tips.
  3. Curly hair serum is intended for straightening of curls. Many women straightening curls by means of the iron note what hair becomes dry, lifeless and fragile. Curly hair serum softens hair, does them silky and smooth. Besides, it has also thermoprotective properties. After washing of the head apply serum on all length of hair, since tips. Hair dry up phenom and straighten by means of the ceramic iron.
  4. The moisturizing serum is developed for all types of locks. But especially it is necessary for the hair injured by adverse ecological factors, wave, coloring and decolorization. The moisturizing serum restores and deeply feeds hair, does them elastic, elastic and brilliant. Apply this means on all length of slightly dried or dry hair.
  5. Serum against dandruff has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobic properties, moisturizes and feeds head skin, reduces skin itch. Besides, it improves structure of hair, adds them silkiness and gloss. Apply serum against dandruff on dry or moist hair and softly rub in skin. It is necessary to use this means courses – once a week within month.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team