Brush for deep cleansing of the person: pluses and minuses of use

Brush for deep cleansing of the person: pluses and minuses of use

Deep cleaning of face skin eliminates black dots and prevents their emergence in the future. At such cleaning there is peeling of devitalized parts of skin, it is updated and more slowly grows old.

Deep cleansing of face skin is made both in day spa, and in house conditions. Houses at deep cleaning are used special devices, in particular, of brush.

Types of brushes for deep cleansing of the person

Allocate three types of brushes for the person: ultrasonic, electric and usual brushes.

The first work due to vibration. They accelerate metabolism and recovery of skin. Electric brushes have nylon bristle which makes cleaning of time due to circular motions. Such brushes have the water protective body and several high-speed modes.

Usual brushes are most often carried out from soft natural bristle. Influence force completely depends on the person who is carrying out cleaning. The cheapest and almost concedes nothing such option of brushes electric and ultrasonic.

Pluses of use of brushes for deep face cleaning

Brushes have the mass of pluses in the use.1. Use of brushes allows to clean deeply skin pores that it is impossible to make hands even with use of special means.2. There is skin massage, blood circulation, and, therefore, and regeneration.3 is normalized. By means of brushes it is possible to remove make-up. Efficiency of removal of make-up it is tried on 80% better, than at removal by his hands.4. To owners of oily skin of brush help to get rid of gloss. For this purpose cleaning needs to be carried out twice a day. 5. Skin begins to show big sensitivity to cosmetics, and, so their effect.6 amplifies. After long use of brushes the tone of skin is leveled, and small wrinkles disappear.

Minuses of use of brushes

Despite number of indisputable advantages, use of brushes when cleaning face skin has also number of minuses.1. Cleaning of face skin by means of brushes is contraindicated to owners of dry skin. Brushes can cause damages and skin.2 microscratches. Also it is worth refusing application of brushes if at skin there are herpes and new growths (warts and papillomas). Even insignificant damages can strengthen their growth and lead to defeat of big sites of face skin. 3. At close located to surface of skin to capillary grid, application of brushes can cause rupture of sosudik and appearance of hematomas.4. At the wrong selection of bristle and force of pressing the skin stretching is possible. Most often it happens when using electric brushes.

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