Carboxylic peeling: what is it?

Carboxylic peeling: what is it?

Carboxylic peeling – one of options of superficial cleaning of epidermis combining efficiency with low injury. The procedure is carried out in beauty shops, the number of sessions depends on type and condition of skin.

Who will suit carboxylic peeling

Peeling essence – soft peeling of the died-off cells of epithelium. After the procedure, skin becomes more smooth and gentle, time is narrowed, the water and lipidic balance is normalized. Local inflammations arise much less often, the face ceases to be shelled and itch. After cleaning the ukhodovy means work more effectively, and decorative cosmetics lays down more exactly.

The carboxylic peeling is recommended to the people who are badly transferring mechanical cleaning or procedures with acids. It will approach at the first signs of aging of skin: small wrinkles, dim complexion, enlarged pores. The procedure is capable to remove excess skin oiliness and to prevent inflammations.

The peeling is often recommended to the teenagers suffering from youthful eels. It is not capable to remove traces from deep hypodermic pimples, but prevents emergence of new fatty tumors. The carboxylic procedure has no age contraindications, in need of it appoint even to children.

The peeling consists of 3 stages. At first skin is carefully purified with antiseptic agent. Then carboxylic gel (carbon dioxide) is applied on it. Drying, it attracts the died-off cages, the most fine particles of dirt, grease traffic jams.

Final, and most important stage – processing of the person the laser. Influencing the skin covered with gel, the beam adsorbs pollution, at the same time slightly warming up skin and stimulating blood-groove. Gradually the laser affects also deeper layers of epidermis. There is process of photothermolysis during which there is active growth of collagenic fibers, skin is condensed and tightened.

The number of sessions depends on skin type. Plant louses fat and problem 8-10 sessions are required, dry and sensitive it is enough of 3 or 5. Cosmetologists prefer to use gel and the laser of one brand, the power of the device is regulated depending on problems which need to be solved.

Pluses and minuses of the procedure

Big advantage of carboxylic peeling – painlessness. The light redness and local peeling is possible, but already next day skin becomes smooth and gentle. At once after peeling it is possible to use ukhodovy and decorative cosmetics. The procedure gives very fast outer effect, but it will not save from deep problems. But the carboxylic peeling can be recommended to people to whom contraindicated chemical peeling.

Despite softness of action, the procedure has contraindications. The carboxylic peeling is not recommended to cancer patients, people with severe damages of skin or those who has chronic diseases, for example, of diabetes, tuberculosis or epilepsy. All types of peeling are not shown at pregnancy and feeding by breast. It is preferable to carry out the procedure in cold season when sunshine are less active and are not capable to provoke hyperpegmentation.

Many patients refer not too noticeable effect to the downside of peeling. Skin improves gradually, minor defects are eliminated through several procedures, but in the absence of due leaving of wrinkle and eels can return. However safety of the device and gel allows to hold sessions rather often, without being afraid of negative consequences.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team