Why from loneliness the people escape work

Why from loneliness the people escape work

Many years ago Ernest Hemingway wrote: "Work — the best medicine for all troubles". And today so far nobody could disprove this thought. Many people escape in work with different experiences, they find in it the realization and forget about problems.


1. Work is an opportunity to change the life. It takes time which alone there is a lot of. She allows to make days, evenings more sated, not deprived of sense. The person consciously devotes himself to work not to miss, to feel grief and a regret from absence something else. At the same time it can change the life, all this increases income that changes quality of existence.

2. Interest in work leads also to professionalism growth. It becomes frequent work not just a duty, and hobby. The person begins to be improved in it, finds more and more knowledge, makes for himself interesting discoveries. In this case the working capacity does it active and purposeful. Interest from the personal sphere is displaced in creation something. Lonely people often easily move on a career ladder, take the leading positions in the company, earn the solid capitals. There is a replacement of some values by others, and it does not deprive of the person of joy, and brings sense in his existence.

3. Any person needs emotions, experiences, communication. If in private life there is no society if relatives do not do life interesting, the person begins to look for the environment. Of course, there are various organizations where it is possible to look for adherents, but it can be difficult. And here at work there are always people who do one serious work. At the same time it is not necessary to get acquainted, look for an occasion to start a conversation, or to think out some words, it is possible to discuss process of creation of goods or service, it is possible to talk about the administration, colleagues, plans for the future. Ease of establishing contacts is very important for many, the closed people cannot easily find a common language therefore work for them it also the place of social contacts.

4. If the person suddenly remained alone, he experiences negative experiences from which it is difficult to disappear. The unusual state presses, enrages. To endure this pain, it is necessary to find occupation, it is necessary to do something that both hands, and the head were involved. If there is a hobby, it helps, but if it is absent, then it is necessary only to go there where it is possible to embody something. It is difficult to look for new hobby during a difficult period, and at work everything is clear, defined. Sometimes it is an opportunity to hide with experiences, a way to distract from external events.

5. The person wants to be to someone necessary, it is internal requirement. And if there is no family if there are no children, then this state is not satisfied. The personality always worries when she understands that it is not valuable to someone. And at this moment it begins to look for those people, that space where it is useful, often it happens the place of work. It is a way to satisfy the need to be necessary, at lonely people it is shown very brightly. For some even loss of the place at the enterprise can be very heavy and on emotions is comparable with the death of the friend.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team