History of a female intimate hairstyle

History of a female intimate hairstyle

before the modern woman even the question is not necessary it is necessary to shave THERE, men still can ask a question, shave or not shave, the following question is much more relevant for ladies how to shave? What is interesting, it is necessary to leave a question of that, how many hair as now it is accepted to speak, in a bikini zone, concerns women for a long time.

From time immemorial to us information came that more than 4 thousand years ago in ancient Mesopotamia women using mix from pitch, asinine fat, extracts of various plants, the blood taken from bats, fur scraps were engaged in removal of hair from the intimate place. The reason for which they were engaged in it was not erotic. Business was in fight against corporal parasites who live in hair and breed in hot climate especially zealously. Here such reasons of hygiene allowed fine mesopotamka to leave the whole generations of louses and flares with a nose. As the archeology, one thousand years, with 4 on 3 millennium BC testifies, women of ancient Mesopotamia regularly used the similar hygienic procedure.

And, here ancient Egyptians approached a question already more seriously, they not only destroyed hair on a pubis and legs, in an axillary pole, and on the head, but were even engaged in plucking out of eyebrows. They used both bronze knives, and beeswax. Gravestones of times of government of the Pharaoh Ekhnaton remained, on them the beautiful slaves who do not have hair, however, dressed in jewelry alone are depicted.

In ancient Rome, the capital of the stately Roman Empire, removal of hair from a pubis was already made not only for hygienic reasons. In any case, as tell ancient Roman sources, prostitutes of the city actively monitored growth of hair on the body. They gave the correct form to eyebrows, pulling out them, were engaged in removal of all hair in armpits and standing, deleted a part of pubic hair. They for this purpose used the rough gloves or disks on the properties reminding an emery paper. To look more sexually and to get rid considerably of hair they also used limy solution, or myshyakosoderzhashchy means.

The twelfth and thirteenth centuries brought the culture of public swimming baths to Europe. Participants of crusades, returning home, imported local customs from the East. The church, naturally, was against, but, new public swimming baths constantly opened. They were visited together by both women, and men. Women of quality tried to depilate the intimate place that not only stronger to emphasize the full nakedness, but also even in the swimming bath to differ from ladies of lower origin. Commoners, looking at them, did the same, the fashion so was born, and the lack of hair on a pubis became norm. In these swimming baths it was possible to order food, musicians played, to tell directly, the atmosphere was still that. But, what the church could not achieve, 30 years' war made, oases of debauchery were closed extremely quickly.

In 200 years after that in Europe, if I may say so, there occurred real blossoming of an epilation. At 15-16 centuries inquisition very seriously undertook search of witches, the method of their definition was simple and available, the suspect was shaved from all hair, and then her sinful places carefully looked round. God forbid, there was a birthmark or a birthmark, they admitted for devil marks. In general, hair from women were liked to be shaved off in those days, was considered that together with them the witch loses the force.

At court of the king Louis XIV more often remembered as the King Sun in the second half of the 17th century the removal of hair on a pubis of Venus became final the esthetic procedure having clear sexual implication. Then the fashion for female girls for the first time arose, and the epilation of genitals had to create illusion at lovers that they break still an unripe fruit.

Our grandmothers and great-grandmothers were content with with what the nature presented them. In the 20th century natural bushes on a pubis were norm. Unless, Marilyn Monroe to feel as the real blonde decoloured hair and in this place too. When in 1968 in Australia carried out a survey among nudists, it turned out that only every tenth of them depilates completely a body. By itself, hippie, they children of flowers, also maintained naturalness always and in everything. Owing to what it is absolutely no wonder that when in the 70th years of the 20th century the German photographer Peter Lourenz began work on a series of frank erotic pictures, the first difficulty which he met was the shortage of models. To find the girl who would shave an intimate zone, or agreed with the offer it to make, it was incredibly difficult. Good graces were in women hair, and long hair, all the rest was afforded only by prostitutes. That girls, shaving off hair on a pubis, show to people around the honesty and self-respect it could report the idea to public only in 1999, having published the book Shaven Angels containing a minimum of the text and a maximum of beautiful photos of nude women.

The ninetieth years set a minimalism trend in an intimate zone, women's shorts become less and less, and the hair which are sticking out from all directions begin to be perceived by something not esthetic, indecent for the modern girl. The full waxing known as the Brazilian vaksing began to become popular after 1994. Sara's heroine of Jessica Parker in memorable series Sex and the City does herself brazilia wax than as if it was let know that the lack of hair – is fashionable and sexual. This juicy moment still was beaten in the movie several times, bright-red color in which Samantha painted pubic hair will probably be the most high point.

The same subject was touched also by Desperate housewives. The Brazilian vaksing had star venerators without ceremony telling it in an interview. Many Hollywood stars admitted that they do it, and after that the Brazilian vaksing received the name also Hollywood.

In the 2001st there was a significant event, the Playboy magazine showed to the world the girl not similar on the previous models, she was absolutely without vegetation in a bikini zone.

Since then and still popular are four types of an intimate hairstyle:

  • Brazilian, it is the Hollywood vaksing. In total around genitals, genitals are deprived of vegetation. Full epilation.
  • Mohawk. Only the thin vertical line of hairs on a pubis is kept.
  • Brazilian triangle. A hairstyle in the form of a triangle.
  • Fantasy variations. Hearts, initials, drawings.

The new-old fashion gives to women an opportunity more fully to disclose the sexuality. Besides, after reduction of an intimate zone in perfect condition, the self-assessment of the woman rises steadily.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team