How to calm the hyperactive child

How to calm the hyperactive child

The hyperactivity is not a disease, but a condition of nervous system of the child therefore it is not necessary to treat it as to the patient. Parents need to learn to calm the hyperactive kid and to send his irrepressible energy to the peaceful course, having developed for this purpose consecutive line of conduct.


1. Observe an accurate daily routine. The hyperactive child has to eat food, walk and go to bed at the same time to prevent a possibility of overexcitation.

2. Accustom themselves to communicate with the child quietly, avoid orders, hails and also emotionally raised intonations that very susceptible and sensitive kid did not join your mood.

3. Surely offer an alternative when you forbid something. For example, if the hyperactive kid tears the book or wall-paper on a wall, offer him the old newspaper if throws toys – a ball. Speak aloud rules: "Toys cannot be thrown, but if you want to throw something, here to you a ball", "Wall-paper cannot be torn, but try to tear the newspaper, and then put scraps in a bag".

4. Protect the child from watching television and long classes on the computer.

5. Visit together the pool or other sports section. Physical exercises will help to splash out excess of energy and will be very useful to the child. But you watch that he did not overtire.

6. Every evening walk with the child. During walk take an interest in its problems, attentively listen and support. The measured step and fresh air will help it to calm down.

7. Make to the kid for the night a heat bath with addition of the calming herbs if, nabegavshis in a day, he cannot fall asleep. Read it the favourite book or turn on the gentle quiet music.

8. In a difficult situation when the child is upset and excited, embrace him, press to yourself, stroke on the head – in dynamics it gives positive effect since the physical contact is very important for such children.

9. And, the main thing, you say to the child more often that he very much is dear to you. Confidence is that they are accepted and love such what they are, irrespective of acts and behavior, is especially necessary for hyperactive children.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team