How to prolong an erection?

How to prolong an erection?

Erectile dysfunction at men can take the different forms. One of them - inability to hold a genital in wild spirits the put time necessary for commission of full sexual intercourse. This frustration can give to the modern man the mass of an inconvenience, first of all, of psychological character. He can be undeceived completely in himself and even to be depressed. Therefore for everyone knowledge of how it is possible to prolong an erection and that it is necessary to make in general to avoid emergence of this problem will be useful.

How to prolong an erection at men - the general recommendations

All corrective actions on this problem can be divided into two categories: preventive and direct.

Prevention is directed to prevention of erectile frustration. Considerably its emergence will help to reduce probability:

  1. Total rejection of alcohol and cigarettes.
  2. Healthy nutrition: it is more than seafood, fresh vegetable food and low-fat meat, nuts, dairy products.
  3. Full-fledged dream.
  4. Daily physical activities.
  5. Walking barefoot, it is possible to do it houses on a special massage rug for legs; thus active points of a body are involved and the potency amplifies.
  6. Daily contrast shower.
  7. Regular visit of a bath.

Besides, any man needs to know how to prolong erection time directly in the course of sexual intercourse. Treat direct corrective actions:

  1. Correct breath: as soon as the man begins to feel the coming ejaculation, he should make several deep and quiet breaths.
  2. Compression of a head of a genital two fingers several seconds prior to an ovulation.
  3. Procrastination of testicles down before approach of an orgasm.
  4. To change a pose in a bed.
  5. Stimulation of the point of Yens Mo which is between an anus and testicles it is necessary just to press it several times.
  6. Delay of rate of movements during penetration.
  7. Use of special ringlets for a penis from soft rubber.
  8. Masturbation just before the beginning of sexual intercourse.

How to prolong an erection by medicamentous methods?

If it is not possible to cope with a problem by use of the above-stated techniques, then it is possible to resort to medicinal therapy. Today the medicine has the big list of means of narrowly targeted action which are recommended for extension of an erection. But that to receive them, it is necessary to visit at first the specialist doctor as such medicines personally for each patient are selected. Of course, it is possible and to get independently in drugstore such advertized means as "Viagra", "Sialex", etc. But the doctor will be able, in addition, can make to the man individual recommendations how it is possible to prolong an erection and to improve quality of sexual intercourse, without having done much harm to the health.

How to prolong an erection folk remedies?

Very often men are interested also the answer to a question how to prolong an erection in house conditions. Here medicative herbs can help:

  1. Ginseng root broth: 100 g of raw materials to fill in 0.5 l of boiled water, to add honey and cinnamon, to draw two days.
  2. Infusion of a thyme or nettle: To fill in 100 g of raw materials with a glass of boiled water, to insist and drink to food.
  3. Walnuts with honey: To clean 200 g of kernels from covers, to fill in with liquid honey, to boil thoroughly a couple of minutes on weak fire, to shift in bank and to remove for a month to the dark place, then to accept on several spoons daily.
  4. Mummy solution: to part in couple of of pitch in a water tablespoon, to accept for the night or in the morning on an empty stomach.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team