Order in the room

Order in the room

Disorder in the children's room, the scattered toys, textbooks, clothes and other, pass through it all parents. How to force, teach the child, independently to clean up the room or how to help it with it?

Well, for a start it is worth arranging the nursery with furniture in which there is a set of boxes and shelves. It is obligatory to define each thing the certain place. It will facilitate cleaning because it will not be necessary to look for every time the place for the machine, a doll or textbooks and to find any thing simpler if, you know where it lies.

With each shopping the child has a new toy or a thing, respectively in their room to become more and more. Not to litter the room, it is periodically necessary to get rid of old things, making room for storage of new. It is necessary to explain it to the child. Otherwise he can think that get rid of its favourite things.

Often children eat candies, fruit at themselves in the room, leaving at the same time many candy wrappers and bits on a table, regiments or and it is worse than that in boxes and cases what it occurred, it is worth putting a basket for garbage, thereby having facilitated themselves a task in cleaning.

To accustom to move away the child most the room, it is worth explaining that it is his duties. The explanation has to be accurately formulated. It is not necessary to shout or force. It is necessary to make so that he understood and agreed with arguments why it is necessary and it is important. For a start it is worth discussing as where will be on the places. Later, when it will clean up itself, it will occur quicker and so difficult.

Of course, it is necessary to set the mode, that is, regularly, in certain time, whether it be the evening or concrete day of the week devoted to cleaning of the room. If the large room or to the child it is difficult to remove everything for once, distribute the room on zones and attach to each zone a certain day. It will facilitate a task and will release time for something another.

When the child is small, to clean his room to have to mom, here it is necessary to direct energy of the child to the aid. It is possible to tell that mom herself will not cope, and to her its help is very important. That without it it is simply impossible. Then the kid, will feel the importance and to him, will seem that he is such adult, time mom without it cannot. With such formulation of a request the child will quicker agree to help.

It is possible to turn cleaning into a game. For example, who will quicker make a bed or who will find the hidden toys under the bed or in other places of the room more. To remove together much more cheerfully.  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team