Choice of the correct toothpaste

Choice of the correct toothpaste

the range of toothpastes is simply huge and it is quite difficult to choose the correct paste suitable you. Who - that chooses well advertized product, and who - that for years uses one brand. But each person has different health of teeth and mouth therefore some types of toothpastes help to improve health of teeth, and others can even do much harm. To make right choice, we will consider types of toothpastes and in what they differ from each other.

Modern tooth pastes please with variety of form of release, color, tastes. But in addition toothpastes differ on appointment - hygienic, preventive, medical, bleaching and for children.

Hygienic pastes suit all people who have no oral cavity diseases. They are intended only for cleaning of teeth of the remains of food and for freshness of breath.

Preventive tooth pastynatselena on prevention and elimination of caries. However they, of course, will not cope with serious problems of oral cavity.

Important! Pay attention to RDA indicator (abrasivity coefficient). For healthy teeth choose pastes from 80-100 units, and for sensitive do not use paste more, than with 25-30 RDA.

Medical toothpastes are appointed, as a rule, by the doctor. Do not use them independently as such pastes are designed for certain course of treatment and at constant use oral cavities can even do much harm. Each medical paste has the narrow specialization and deals with specific problem.

The bleaching pastes attract many people wishing to have snow-white smile without excess efforts. But do not follow the tastes of advertizing, such stunning result can achieve only in dental clinic. Also many bleaching pastes have coarse abrasive which thins enamel over time in structure.

Select children's toothpaste according to age of the child. It is better to choose children's pastes with the lowest indicator of abrasivity. Also consider that children often swallow of paste in the course of toothbrushing therefore choose paste with the most natural structure that it did not cause indigestion.

Helpful advice: to choose good toothpaste which will be useful to your teeth it is better to get advice of the stomatologist. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team