How to collect felling from the rounded log

How to collect felling from the rounded log

Construction of wooden house, business difficult also demands knowledge of mass of subtleties. The felling from the rounded log is already prepared for construction therefore construction of such house, is similar to assembly of parts of the designer.


1. Lay on columns of the base of semi-log. At the same time take in attention and that fact that you need to carry out waterproofing at first surely. For this purpose stack double layer of roofing material on each column. Lay laying from flax from above on semi-logs. Then you will need to fix it. Use for this purpose the special stapler.

2. Lay the first timber work from the rounded log so that it in accuracy corresponded to marking as directly on parts, and on your drawing. Then lay sealant in bowls. It is necessary to make it accurately and carefully, otherwise the design will be not really durable. During that time until the first wreath has managed to settle completely yet, you need to manage to lay from above parts of the second wreath.

3. Check all corners of design and make sure that any of them does not need correction any more. Only after that besiege both wreaths. Fix logs by means of secret dowels, beginning already with the third wreath. For this purpose you need to drill drill continuous vertical opening which will pass from the top log to the middle of what lies under it.

4. Then exactly here it is also necessary to insert dowel. At the same time it is very important that it "came" rather densely and did not stick out from log at all. It will be better if it even a little drowns in more thickly logs. Establish dowels through row, proceeding from such calculations: at the length of wall of two meters one dowel is necessary. In the same places where you are going to make apertures it is also necessary to establish dowels on both sides of aperture.

5. Make marking chalk of apertures for doors and windows after you lay the last wreath. Then cut them by means of the chainsaw. Very conveniently it will also be practical to keep fragments of logs as they by all means will be useful to you as internal partitions.

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