How to establish door in the room

How to establish door in the room

At repair of the room much attention should be paid to interroom doors. With qualitatively established doors in the future there will be no problems.


1. For a start it is necessary to collect door case. Notch jambs on height. Their sides cut at an angle in 45 degrees everyone. Pay attention that at an angle it is necessary to file only the top bar on both sides and side bars from above. Their lower part has to remain untouched. After that connect bars among themselves in the form of letter "P". For this purpose connect top and side bars by means of self-tapping screws of 45 mm. Twist them directly and at an angle. The quality of door case from it will not change. Consider, it is possible to use only three self-tapping screws from each angular party. As a result 3 self-tapping screws on the one hand and 3 with another have to turn out. Also you should not forget about loops. Establish them on box and on door. For this purpose at first plan their arrangement. Then drill openings for self-tapping screws and record loops.

2. If you want to establish also threshold, then at first execute measurements. If width of door cloth 700 mm are equal, then width of threshold will be 706 mm. It is not necessary to cut threshold sides under corner in 45 degrees at all. Height of side pillar cut off taking into account height of bottom rail + 4 mm.

3. Further you pass directly to installation of door case into aperture. Install collected box in door opening and by means of wedges reliably wedge it. After that from installation of loops "put" box on two self-tapping screws. They have to be twisted in those places where fastenings of door hinges will be located.

4. After installation of door case and its strengthening in three places on width of door insert bars fixers. The box will be strictly recorded. Her Zapente. Use painting adhesive tape for this purpose to paste over the box planes adjoining to foam. For couple of hours leave this design. Foam has to dry up. It was necessary only to hang door.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team