Stress? That's nothing unusual."

Stress? That's nothing unusual."

stress in operating time can be shown differently and in various degree to influence the person. As a rule, the main sources of a stress are the intense relations with the chief, inefficient production, too large amount of work, iliboyazn dismissals. These factors morally suppress people, doing them unfortunate and less able-bodied. In especially dangerous cases the stress can do much harm to our health or private life.

The stress can work at low levels as an incentive and motivates the person to be more productive and inventive. But high-level types of a stress are harmful and can lead to chronic diseases.

There are several directions which can be stressoopasny :

  1. The stress can appear from behind absence or a lack of communication.
  2. If your work is not for you significant and does not bring pleasure, then it can cause very negative emotions.
  3. Without support of fellow workers and feeling of loneliness of people can easily fall into a stressful state.
  4. The raised duties. Additional tasks which are set for the worker very often increase voltage level.
  5. The feeling of ambiguity and uncertainty concerning the purposes and duties can be also led to a stress.
  6. The uncertainty in the qualification and fear of instability cause a stress.
  7. Lack of control at high level of responsibility cause strong tension.

There are several effective ways to operate the stress.

  1. Well operate the time. Do not try to perform excess work of the house, try to make the schedule more flexible.
  2. Be not afraid to replace a type of activity. If the current work brings you only unpleasant emotions, then, perhaps, it is worth finding work which will be pleasant to you. Choose to yourself congenial employment, and you should not work any day in the life.
  3. Modern technologies like the Internet and mobile phones can become threat of your private life. Make the decision not to answer calls during time which you allocated directly for yourself or the family. Do not check working e-mail of the house.
  4. Talk to the immediate superior and discuss the following issues:
  • - How well I work? How can I improve myself?
  • - What do you expect from me at this position?
  • - When can I count on a reward in case of improvement of quality and the number of the performed work?
  • - How do I fit into the development plan for the organization?

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team